Underdogs Of Madras Networking Session: Experiences & Takeaways

Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. – Ivan Misner (Founder & CVO of BNI) Networking is a term that we might have come across throughout our life but under different contexts. But when in Business, when you first enter the MBA classroom that’s where you get a completely different intention behind…… Continue reading Underdogs Of Madras Networking Session: Experiences & Takeaways


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Little Women K-Series 2022 Little Women 2022 is a South Korean series with 12 episodes, broadcasted on Netflix and TvN. Being loosely adapted from one of the popular works of Louisa May Alcott, this series completely transgressed from anywhere from its original storyline and gave a modern and capitalistic twist. It is probably one of…… Continue reading LITTLE WOMEN – THE BEST THRILLER KDRAMA OF 2022

Top K-Series Starring Namkoong Min

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It’s been 9 years since I started watching Korean series and out of all the actors and actresses, Namkoong Min (NKM) is one of my most favorite artists who can nail diverse roles and make us admire or hate the character purely by portraying the character perfectly. Starting from being a Sociopathic villain, mysterious second…… Continue reading Top K-Series Starring Namkoong Min

Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Postcard Front Postcard Back I have recently visited Gangaikonda Cholapuram, one of the most ancient and renowned Temple in Tamilnadu which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. I’ll be putting up a blog post real soon about it. Before that, I felt like making a postcard with the illustration of one of the cutest Yali…… Continue reading Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Yali Postcard

Yali Postcard Front Yali Postcard Back Yali is a mythical creature that often feels like the dragon version of Tamil architecture that is engraved and carved in some of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu. There are different types of Yali, the one with the elephant head, horse head, lion head, and so on. Whenever…… Continue reading Yali Postcard


How often do we appreciate the local doctors who always exist within our reach whenever a medical need or emergence occurs? If you are someone who has weak health or family members with weak health and often have to visit doctors more frequently, I am pretty sure you’d get to understand how important it is…… Continue reading THE NEIGHBOURHOOD GOOD DOCTORS

TOMORROW: 2022’s Most Thoughtful Fantasy K-Series

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Tomorrow Kdrama (2022) Tomorrow (2022) is a spectacular South Korean Tv Series broadcasted on MBC and Netflix from April 2022 – to May 2022. By lining up with the most good-looking and exceptionally talented lead actors such as Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On, and Kim Hae Sook, the series gained…… Continue reading TOMORROW: 2022’s Most Thoughtful Fantasy K-Series


Ooty is the first-ever hill station I ever get to know theoretically as a child. And one of the places I have dreamt about visiting in Tamil Nadu. It has been the epitome of cold weather and it has been the definition of winter throughout my childhood. But eventually, I got to visit Kullu Manali,…… Continue reading THE SUBTLE BEAUTY OF OOTY

Get One Step Closer While Visiting Local Markets & Trying Local Delicacies In Ooty

To know the culture of a destination, you have to experience their food and lifestyle. If you want to feel the oneness with the place, the best option is to visit the local markets and try their foods. There is no better way to feel connected with the community than to be present at the…… Continue reading Get One Step Closer While Visiting Local Markets & Trying Local Delicacies In Ooty

Into The Woods In Nilgiris Toy Train

Toy train has always been on my bucket list. Since my childhood, when I hear about toy trains, my mind directly takes me to Nilgiris. Well, I have read about it. Being someone who loves train rides it has always been a dream, as well as regret, as I was unable to ride it during…… Continue reading Into The Woods In Nilgiris Toy Train

Experience The Liveliness In The Boat House

Ooty Boat House is one of the liveliest places I have visited in Ooty. It feels more like a festival than a place. Whether you are planning to ride a boat or not, this place has more to do than just boating, and that’s what makes it a perfect hangout spot. The scenery is spot…… Continue reading Experience The Liveliness In The Boat House

Treat For Your Eyes In Ooty Rose Garden

Never a fan of Roses? You will be reconsidering it here. Always been a fanatic about Roses? You will eventually want to become one here.A Solivagant’s Shoes There was a brief rain shower, not heavy though… right before the day we visited the most renowned place among the tourists and the pride of the locals…… Continue reading Treat For Your Eyes In Ooty Rose Garden

TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!

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If you haven’t watched the first part of Tall Girl before, watch that and then start watching Tall Girl 2. Tall Girl has a special place in my memory. The way it broke the stereotype, the way it fight backs louder than any scream could get. It seems like another highschool drama. But, it is…… Continue reading TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!


As I grow and grow and grow. Life seems less unpredictable and tasteless. People are turning into a book whose ending I already got figured out. Again, easy to predict. A few months back, I came across a clip where Tom Hanks says, “If you feel bad right now if you are pissed off at…… Continue reading Thriving

K-Series With Amazing Storyline

The highlight or advantage of Korean series when it comes to attracting viewers around the world is because of their powerful storyline and flattering plot structure. Whatever the genre may be the team of writers gives life to it through relatable characterization, a strong script and a jaw-dropping twist that incline us to stick with…… Continue reading K-Series With Amazing Storyline

A Rejuvenating 2 Days 1 Night In Nagercoil, Kanyakumari!

Kanyakumari, the farthest end of India is an iconic destination to visit by anyone who tours around Tamil Nadu or live in South India. It harbours the weight of Kumari Kandam’s history. Being born in Tamil Nadu, and living in the southern part of India one cannot miss visiting Kanyakumari. Well, it took 24 years…… Continue reading A Rejuvenating 2 Days 1 Night In Nagercoil, Kanyakumari!

The Power Of WORDS

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What do you think about Words? Have you considered words as something more than a language builder? How much value do you give to every word you say to others and yourself in everyday life? Don’t be annoyed by these pouring questions but try to casually think about it. Because I am going to tell…… Continue reading The Power Of WORDS

The culture of Sámi

Image by David Mark from Pixabay  Finland has become one of my most favourite countries since my third semester in college. It is this country which I desperately wanted to visit now. Before letting you know who Sámi people are and about their culture, let me give you a short overview of Finland. Because most of us wants…… Continue reading The culture of Sámi

Museum: Where time merges!

Museums are the best getaway when you want to try to go somewhere new and look at something different while you step into each door. My first museum experience was when I was doing my 7th grade. Back then it was too late for me, comparatively. I saw kids smaller than me at that time…… Continue reading Museum: Where time merges!

A Walk Around The Hill On Full Moon Days

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The title might sound like I am about to write some witchcraft story. But no. The following travel experience is not going to be religious or witchcraft but you can get to see a little bit of spiritual side. Some people might judge this. But, I can understand it. As many of us tend to…… Continue reading A Walk Around The Hill On Full Moon Days

CMRL: The bridge that connects me and my thirst for local travel

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What type of public transport person are you? Train person or a bus person? I am always comfortable with the train. If you have read the previous posts I have already mentioned it before. Travelling in the suburban train, especially the one that runs from Tambaram to Beach station, always healed me whenever I feel…… Continue reading CMRL: The bridge that connects me and my thirst for local travel

Travelling Virtually Around Pacific Asia Like…(Dream To Travel Virtual Event)

Its been 3 months already, staying inside the home which sometimes makes me feels like it’s a cave and sometimes a cocoon. I am trying hard to entertain myself through whatever I can so that my brain nerves won’t turn lethargic and at some point it becomes exhausting. No matter what I do my brain…… Continue reading Travelling Virtually Around Pacific Asia Like…(Dream To Travel Virtual Event)

A place where fishes flew above my head

There are so many creatures, places, and things around us which we are introduced to the right from our childhood days which is only through pictures in the books and through televisions, computers, and smartphones. In the past, people started to quench their thirst for knowledge and curiosity through traveling. They encountered and introduced to…… Continue reading A place where fishes flew above my head

Darjeeling: The memories which haunts

I have decided to write about the trip to Darjeeling today cause I am so desperate. I am so desperate that I don’t want to forget those memories. And I also want you guys to go make memories in that paradise at least once. When you are going with a group of people, under supervision…… Continue reading Darjeeling: The memories which haunts

Ways to use your time when you are “Grounded” for unexpected number of days

We have been running around all these days. Whether you are a school student or college student or working professional, at one point in time you are desperate for a break. I don’t know about you all, but I personally got really exhausted and needed a break. We have got a break, but unfortunately, this…… Continue reading Ways to use your time when you are “Grounded” for unexpected number of days

Relationship between Travel and Food

We all have that one favorite sweet or dessert, by thinking about it just brighten up our mood. For me, I fell in love with one kind of sweet during my trip to Kolkata. Which eventually lead me to another place. I am always fond of Rasmalai. I was a 5th-grade student back then when…… Continue reading Relationship between Travel and Food

A Solivagant’s Friend: Books

A TRAVEL AND A BOOK MAKES A PERPLEXING COMRADE “The Backpackers Group My backpack always has a book whenever and wherever I travel. A book is so important for a solivagant. Most of my trips didn’t end up with meeting new people, also the long trips in trains and buses long for a talk or…… Continue reading A Solivagant’s Friend: Books

Purposeful travel is a lesson

We are really close to saying goodbye to 2019, and still, I had a regret that I have attended only one volunteer work. Smh. And then, a friend, who I made while volunteering for a marathon run posted an “A planting event”. It’s not a typical NGO event though. My classes for this semester just…… Continue reading Purposeful travel is a lesson

A basic travel opens door to meet good people

For a person like me, travelling opened the door to observe and understand people. I love to travel by train and I know why. First of all, it’s comforting. No matter how sad, angry, or anxious I am, when I get onto the suburban train, I became quiet and calm. I always wondered why. Even…… Continue reading A basic travel opens door to meet good people