Into The Woods In Nilgiris Toy Train

Toy train has always been on my bucket list. Since my childhood, when I hear about toy trains, my mind directly takes me to Nilgiris. Well, I have read about it. Being someone who loves train rides it has always been a dream, as well as regret, as I was unable to ride it during the Darjeeling visit (Never gonna miss it next time). So as soon as we book the bus ticket to Ooty the very next thing we did was booking tickets for the train from Ooty to Coonoor to Ooty.

First of all, I need to share about the Ooty railway station. Never have I ever seen a clean, pretty, and extremely pleasant Railway station with a great view like this one. Very cute that I wished to carry it back home. I am giving a souvenir design idea here… someone please make a miniature of this beautiful Railway station. As soon as I entered, I was flashed by the sky with a photogenic view. When I entered the platform, the color, the scenery on the right side, the tiny souvenir shop, and the broken I love Ooty sign (I wish they fix it soon) next to an Iconic Engine, everything came together and made it quite picturesque. Next to the platform, you can also get to see a mini garden.

We arrived very early that day, still explored around, and visited the tiny Heritage museum on the platform that shares with us the history of the Ooty Railways, Engine and showcases some of the historic pieces. Then we had a cup of warm tea in the canteen while enjoying the view. Meanwhile, the platform which was empty on our arrival loaded with tourist passengers. So many people… I wondered how we are going to fit into the train as I have no clue how the train looks. And then came the cute mascot-like train. Thankfully, we booked a window seat to and fro. Unfortunately, we booked a window seat for the same side so I was able to enjoy only one side.

It was a wonderful ride, the transition of the scenery is more of a gift that I would cherish. While going, all I did was take photographs and videos. Initially, I was a little hesitant to peek out of the window. Eventually got hold of it and it was extremely fun. It was wild and warm. As the train passed through the woods, it felt calm inside and the air smelt fresh and woody. Whereas duirng our return, I made sure to keep my camera and phone inside and just sat and watched. I tried to relax, but unfortunately was the family who shared the coach with us had wild kids. I have been kicked so many times while they were jumping and running around in that small space. So… throughout the ride, I considered myself to be a block of emotionless hardwood/saint/stone.

Now, Coonoor station… I can’t end without talking about its beauty. The station itself feels like a mini-stone house. Pretty in blue with creepers and flowers dangling from the window. The platform was more nostalgic. It feels like the place that comes in the Climax of my favourite Tamil Movie Rythym. Not sure why I felt that way. Most importantly, the purple flowered canopy of trees. God. What an eye candy! Watching at the flower petals withering and as they slowly float in the air and touch the ground, it felt like I could see the rhythm. It felt like a silent movie that had a sound of its own while I was watching it from the window before the train left the station…

The ticket price varies from where to where you decide to go and which coach you prefer. Make sure to book the tickets in advance on the IRCTC website. Yes, there is a first-class coach too. We chose the regular one which cost Rs 150 per adult. There wasn’t much change except for the seat material and color.

Make sure to checkout all other photographs, videos, reels and highlights in @asolivagantsshoes in Instagram.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.


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