Experience The Liveliness In The Boat House

Ooty Boat House is one of the liveliest places I have visited in Ooty. It feels more like a festival than a place. Whether you are planning to ride a boat or not, this place has more to do than just boating, and that’s what makes it a perfect hangout spot. The scenery is spot on, the water is not clearer in any way but the view is quite stunning. Feels like you are in a chaotic painting.

I consider it a feel-good place. We didn’t exactly plan to go there, but we suddenly ended there because of terrible traffic. The entrance of the Boathouse itself gives a festival vibe with people swarming around, not in a negative way, but it gave me more of a cheerful aura. Though it’s a honeymoon tourist hotspot, you could see all sorts of people coming together just to play around and relax. We went a little late, so unable to ride the boat. Instead, we walked around, enjoyed the evening sky, and enjoyed some cotton candy while watching the boats and ducks floating around.

If you prefer boat rides, there are multiple options based on your budget. If you want to just enjoy the view, take photographs, or just want to watch people happily riding in the water, there is a separate place for us to stand and enjoy the scenery. Or else, if you want to play around there are a few rides, a VR game room, a Mystery room, and more. More than that, there are also food stalls and a food court in case you want to grab something to eat. Apart from that, there are lots of shops and plant nurseries around, if you are planning to get some souvenirs. That makes it a whole package of entertainment. Outside this spot is also considered to be ideal for a horse ride. The horses in Ooty seem to be quite muscular compared to those on Chennai beaches which makes us feel quite sad.

The boathouse also has an entry ticket even if you are not planning to ride a boat. For adults Rs 15. If you are carrying a still camera extra Rs 30 needs to be paid. Other than that for those who want to ride boats, according to the boat you prefer, like two-seater or eight-seater, the price varies and it ranges from 400-1500. There is a huge parking space so even if you come in a car, no need to worry. Also, make sure to visit before 4 if you are planning to ride a boat.

On the whole, this is more of an entertaining place than others in Ooty.

To see more pictures, reels, and highlights of Ooty visit check out @asolivagantsshoes Instagram page.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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