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It started as a door to barge in with courage and let my voice be heard. Now it is a place where I set my bar to inspire. Inspire with words by letting them travel through my voice to showcase the beauty of culture. The “Shoes Of Spirit” segment is broadcasted to let the world know about the importance of emotions and ways to understand while surviving amidst the chaos of being human in a world where humanity is withering away.

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Power Of Words A Solivagant's Shoes

"Words", something that we use every single day and something which we have taken for granted, something that we forgot how magical it is. After listening to this podcast episode, you will ultimately realize the way to break the negative energy around you through positive words which eventually make you realize that you could bring hope and magic to your life. Well let me warn you, it has its own limit. Listen to various examples and practical steps that let you feel comfortable despite the existential crisis you face. You can also read this in A Solivagant's Shoes website (https://asolivagantsshoes.com/2021/09/12/the-power-of-words/) whenever you want. After this podcast I am pretty sure you no longer see words as just a communication tool. The Amazing background music credit: Coma_Media — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/a-solivagants-shoes/message
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  4. SoS- Gardening: A Spiritual Practice & A Teacher

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