“Every Wanderer’s Shoes Have Wonderful Stories To Tell”

We humans have always been nomadic, we always have the drive to travel. Over a period of time, we were all forced to settle and root!

But our hearts always long to travel, learn and witness the unknown differences of the world.

Discover the diverging beauty and knowledge of travelling, tourism, culture, spirituality, sustainability, nature and new technology through my contents and also make sure to enjoy the random photographs.

Nivethitha Sakura

Hello! I am a blogger, pantheist and an all-time learner. Has strong affinity towards painting, drawing & gardening. Amateur on most. But do everything for the sake of enjoying every moment that I am given. Loves photography. You can see some of them on my “Iridescence In My Lens” page and Instagram. You can also check out some of my promotional content for the 2021 FoodTrex Global Summit on the World Food Travel Association website. As well as contents in Pickyourtrail.