Designing is not just about putting together shapes, colors, and elements. It is the way to use them to either subtility, balance, or extremity to build emotions and perspective that eventually form into a language of art, which are often overlooked by us in everyday life.

Lay back and enjoy an amateurish yet authentic piece of design.

Dream: My First Work In Fresco reminds me of the place I saw in my dream. (Fresco)

Learning to design seems to be easy but the moment you open the workspace and stare at it you realize, that designers around the world are superhumans.

The Place Where I Feel More Warmth And Comfort Than Anywhere else in the world. My Home –> Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator

The ability to illustrate digitally is a real flex that many applications and software offer. The mindblowing tools and colors often break the barrier of expression through art even for an amateur. Imagine what in the world trained and talented artists could do.

The fine line between Reality And Art is the way we perceive it. Done in Illustrator.
Few Tones, Few Tools, A Serene Piece of Art. Inspired by the work of Antistress. Enjoyed every moment preparing this vector art. Done in Illustrator.
The Depiction of Buildings Engulfing Nature which I illustrated in Krita.
Using playful Tones and Strokes An alter illustration of previous work. Enjoyed every moment preparing this vector art. Done in Illustrator.
When our architectural identity slowly disappears silently… –> One Of The House’s Entrance In TamilNadu
Cutout art is one of the most surprising thing I found out. I guess my first attempt with my imagination has turned quite well I guess.
As it already feels like monsoon, illustrated this. Inspired by the work of Alina Makarenko’s Autumn House.
Inspired by the work of freetobeat’s oil painting.
Spent few hours illustrating this koi fish. Inspired by the work of Creatistic who illustrated this in procreate though. Drawing this in illustrator was a bit challenging but turned out well. Added the leaves and ripples to make it more livelier.
This is one of the most beautiful house which I encountered during my visit to Ettaiyapuram. And I though of illustrating itand it came out well.
One of the most special illustration that I did for my client’s first wedding anniversary. May be the most challenging illustration that took about 120 hours to illustrate. And first ever work for which I got paid for.
THE MOON GIRL, I was inspired by the character drawing style of artstation.
ILLUSTRATION OF COSMOS! Oh to be a flower!
Yaali of Mamallapuram
The Lonely Bug
My most recent paid illustration. It made me realise what style of art and patterns I love to work with. I had immense pleassure and joy while illustrating this.
Designed stickers for my Brother’s Laptop. It went for almost 2 days to prepare this in Illustrator.

Pinterest has some of the most creative, inspiring and talented people. Bhailog Digital, Elizafy Digital, Katterineart, Cozy Digital Art and more helped me to learn some of the most creative illustrator skill. Below are some of the illustrations I have done by learning from them.

Random photoshop stuff with the Kanyakumari pic I took last year.
This is illustrated in the rememberance of  (late) Dr Gunashekaran.
Happy Onam
Happy Onam Illustration!

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