We Are One

Why do we feel we are superior? When we are just a small part of nature. Why do we place immense value on us, just because we think, speak and walk? Why do we take everything for granted? From all the beings right from the unseen beings living in the block of tree trunk, all the ferns, grasses, trees that survive opportunistically to the majestic whales in the middle of the ocean… without the convinence of what we have, they live. They are just a mystery which are supposed to be solved and admired instead being judged by the tiny brain of ours. What is the point of brilliance, when we can’t even understand the fellow creatures with which we live.

ALL! (Shot On Fujifilm xa7)

Behold The Earth

The florescent green moss on the wettest part of the fallen tree trunk, not sure what its scientific name or exact name but had the power to get me excited. I breathed and smelt the moist in the air. I stared at it for a while and took a photo, to make sure I remember the moment, the moment that nature made me calmly fall in love with her with her existence. The world of its own the sanctum of camlest calamity.

The texture of nature! (Shot On Moto G60)

Unpredictability is the charm of life

The place that dreads me most is Hospital. From being a child till this youth I am living right now, my 24 years of life carry the burden of the memory of all the illness that stopped me from enjoying life at many points. The tiny dotted scar like stars in my hand that are fading by time sometimes remind me the pain of being the weak. But it also remind me how strong I am. Yes… It reminds how I convinced grim reaper to give back my life. To be honest, never have I ever dreamt of working in a hospital. Now, I have dragged myself into the place where I am scared to be at… as employee. I give me the most surprises than anyone. And I am glad that I am this person I am today, where I am right now. Eventhough my heart feels empty right now, feel drained and clueless I am glad that I am experiencing whatever I am experiencing right now here.

Life Sometimes Leads To Same Place That Scared You The Most! (Shot On Moto G60 Fusion)

Way Seeker

I have read this quote few days back. Never ask way to someone who never travelled through the roads you have been to and a you are going through. I can’t agree more. I have made this mistake. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone experience things at different situation. After all if there are way seekers who travel through already laid road, there are also way seekers who make their own. So, stick with your gut and sail through the eye of the storm, without asking help from a person who never seen a storm before.

Find The Way By Yourself! (Shot On Fuji Film XA7)


We are the architect of our life. But there also external factors which our life depends on. Being an architect there is a power we are bestowed with. It can also transform into a curse. But wherever we are right now,  it is partially by the choice we made. But never forget that some of the choice you made were also because the lack of option. So, never blame the result. As an architect… Just own it. No matter what you produced out of everything given to you, it is all your time and effort. So own it.

Admiration of Architecture! (Shot on Fujifilm XA7)

Duality of Life

The concept of Yin and Yang has always left me awestruck. There are other concepts that persistently teaches life is all about light and dark, sun and moon, good and bad: The Duality. But, Yin and Yang, in light there is a dark and in darkness, there is a light and we have power over who we become with the options we have. It is also a duality at the end of the day but with a choice. Strangely, this photograph which I took in Kanyakumari gave me these thoughts.

Nature’s Duality! (Shot on Fujifilm XA7)

It’s Not End Until It Ends

It was 2017, the year when I disappeared. The year I didn’t know what was happening on the outside. The year when the entire neighbourhood decided that I am withering away. The year when my parents prayed and cried. The year I fought the longest battle. The year I learnt life.

The year a tiny jackfruit plant was growing in our garden. The year I heard from my parent that they are planning to remove her, though she wouldn’t survive. I asked them to wait till I could start to walk again and see her.

We wanted to believe at that time.  It’s Not End Until It Ends. We desperately wanted to survive. She and I.

We survived slowly and steadily. We will survive. We will live! Me and my Jackfruit Tree.

And She Grew Up! (Shot On Fuji Film XA7)

How do you fall in love with art?

It was raining that day at Sikkim when my brother and I entered this really tiny shop to get some souvenirs. I folded the wet umbrella. I turned to the right. And there I saw these Two cups! very attractive!

The shape of the cup and the unfamiliar art the strange colours won over my curiosity. Curiosity, to touch and feel it! I immediately took it in my hands, closed my eyes and felt the unevenness of the surface caused by the painting. 3 days later it was travelling with us by train.

Now, 3 years later. I am still in love with it for taking me back to the streets of Sikkim by its mere presence.

Senses and Art (Shot On Fujifilm XA7)

Everyone has a life to survive

I was watching this colourful fly while I was watering the plants. I was attracted to it because of its strange colour pattern. Working so hard doing something in the basil leaves which I don’t understand. After all, they have a life of their own which we still won’t consider as important as ours.

Everyone got a life with a meaning no matter what their size and shape are…

Fly got a job to do too! ( Shot on Fujifilm X-A7)


The life of a stray cat is much more difficult.  I have been observing this little guy. Trying not to meddle in his life while his mother is making sure he survives. Because she almost lost him once. He fell into the same borehole protector in which he was sitting in this picture. We closed it now. His mother moved other kittens during rain not knowing fell inside them.

The next day, while I was planting a seedling, I heard a small meow. I thought I must be imagining. Thanks to my hearing and my dad’s trust in my hearing we saved him. And after passing half a day alone, his mother saw him while passing by and took care of him until he managed to climb the walls and leave on his own.

Survival! (Shot on Fujifilm X-A7)

How solitude is different from loneliness?

Is it based on perspective? Are you intimidated by the fact that you are alone while riding in the metro or are you going to enjoy the moment and be being conscious at the same time?

Me, Myself and the empty seats of Chennai Metro. (Shot on Nokia 7 Plus)

Do you see the soul or feel the soul?


Can you feel it whenever you see it in their eyes? Can you?

Then why is it you say they don’t have souls? Is it an excuse you make to look down at their life? Is it your reason for hurting it?

Every eye Has Soul! (Shot on Nokia 7 Plus)

Have your jealousy touched the sky?

I used to sigh every time the clouds fly across the sky. Always wondered if clouds are swimming in the sky. There is always a mystery. Mystery of what lies beyond it.

And beyond the cloud. I saw this. I saw a world without humans a world so white, soft, comforting with all the clouds holding their hands so tight.

Beyond the cloud! (Shot on Nokia 7 Plus)

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