Treat For Your Eyes In Ooty Rose Garden

Never a fan of Roses? You will be reconsidering it here. Always been a fanatic about Roses? You will eventually want to become one here.

A Solivagant’s Shoes

There was a brief rain shower, not heavy though… right before the day we visited the most renowned place among the tourists and the pride of the locals – The Ooty Rose Garden; so, naturally, I was a bit worried. But, despite that, the garden was carpeted with the Roses. Roses that are dressed in colors that I couldn’t have predicted. The color gradients shook me and even made my heart race a bit.

Ooty Rose Garden belongs to the elite club of 35 Rose Gardens and is one of the country’s most sought out, extremely beautiful, and well-maintained Rose Garden. The entire garden is a picturesque arcade of Roses that are bigger than your palm. Their flowers are so attractive even for the small birds that often sit on the flower head and pose like pros. Every minute you spend feels delightful. The earlier you go, the lesser crowd you have to handle, and the more you can cherish and admire the roses.

My mother is a hardcore Rose fanatic, if she would have come with us, she would have been overjoyed by the flowers. As soon as I entered, I did a video call and showed my mother and I am definitely going to take her one day and let her enjoy every moment admiring the unfathomable beauty of nature in the form of roses.

During my visit, the garden was still in progress as it was a few weeks before Summer Festival, but I could already see the different shades of Rainbow being scattered around in the form of roses. It starts with different shades of red, various shades of pink, several shades of orange, shades of yellow and eventually roses in gradients of red, pink, yellow and orange, and then comes blue and purple and their shades and gradients. And in case you are lucky, you could see the roses in the rarest colors of all – Black and Green. Eventually, you will ask yourself – “Is this even real?”. Because it seems to be too beautiful to be real.

For any creator, photographer or artist Ooty Rose Garden is more of an inspiration. The 4 hectares of land stacked into five terraces and curvatures dotted with fragrance and vibrance of the roses will mesmerize every visitor into awe, despite age. Especially on a bright sunny day, the entire place glows beautifully that you can’t stop yourself from taking pictures and videos. Also, don’t forget to look down as you walk, the pavement’s cement blocks have beautiful imprints of roses. I was never a fan of rose before visiting here. But I started to reconsider it after seeing the huge flowers standing tall and waving their heads back and forth when I met them.

Whoever you are, whatever your preferences are, I feel like Rose garden is a must-visit hotspot in Ooty. My recommendation is, to spend at least one and a half to two hours and visit the entire spot. If you feel tired, you can take a rest at random spots. There is enough seating area here and there. You need to get an entry ticket which amounts to 40Rs for adults and 20Rs for children. The best time to visit would be summer, probably between March – June. So make sure to drop by and explore the myriad beauty of the Rose Garden and its scenery that satisfies your senses.

To see more photographs, reels and highlights visit @asolivagantsshoes instagram page.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.


  1. roses are my favorite plant (well near the top of my list)I have a rose bed in the front yard, I had a climbing rose new dawn and it was beautiful, one year we had a unusually very unusually cold winter (zone 3 tempertures we never had during my lifetime) it nearly killed my new dawn it killed three butterfly bushes we had and killed my crape myrtle tree that grew pretty big. my new dawn the past years hasnt done good, probably should of not moved it anyway it needs alot of attention from me this year, not sure what I am going to do with it. but myother roses are doing fantastic, chickens really keep the japenese beetles in check, and as a result my flowrs are doing very well with little damage. too bad your mom did not go with you, if she loves roses then she missed out, take her as soon as you can moms are not around forever.

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    1. Hi Roberta! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing good. Nice to know you love roses. Have you shared their pictures in your blog? I’d love to see them. My mom used to grow lots of roses in the past. But now our backyard became too shady and we were unable to get good soil in our neighborhood. So she got very exhausted. Here in South India our temperature won’t drop that much, but rains during monsoon are a huge threat to gardens and plants. It makes a huge mess and again has to plant a new set of seeds or plants at the beginning of summer. And yes, thanks, I am planning to take my mom to Ooty as soon as possible.

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