Heaven On Earth: Ooty Botanical Garden

Well, the title might sound a bit extreme. But, being a mountain person and plant and flower enthusiast, the Ooty Botanical garden is close to what heaven feels like for me. It is one of the most tourist-centric hotspots of Ooty laid down in 1897. Occupying a vast area (55 acres), this garden showcases the floral fantasy most pleasingly. Apart from the 6 distinctive sections of this garden, the buildings, greenhouses, well-maintained lawn, and the scenery here are extremely intriguing and treat to the eyes which got tired of the urban lifestyle.

Being the most colorful place in Ooty, I guarantee that it gives you an unforgettable experience. Personally, I could have regretted if I missed visiting this place in my lifetime. Imagine walking in a place that enables you to witness more than a hundred varieties of ferns, exotic flowers, 20 million old fossiled trunk retrieved from South Arcot, and witnessing numerous trees that are rarely found in cities. Imagine being walking on a lush green lawn where people people come together and create happy memories. Imagine where you can be calm and composed without trying. That is Ooty Botanical Garden. The Horticulture department has maintained this naturalistic place beautifully so that the experience we get here is worthy of our lifetime.

There were a lot of first-time-ever happened there for me. These are the first-time-evers which were usually undermined by us and hardly appreciated. The flowers that are the size of head, the fern house where myriad of balsams and variety of orchids being stacked beautifully, the golden colored bougainvillea, the shades of purple reflected stacked beautifully on my most favorite garden – Italian- style garden, the cactus house where most of the cactuses were in bloom flaunting their gleaming flowers, the rarest trees and the walkway that lit up by the sunshine are still in my mind, picture perfectly, and for a 25-year-old like me these are “for the first time”. I saw a huge red-haired mountain squirrel. And I blew the dandelion’s seed head for the first time.

If you’d ask me, summer is the best time to visit. But let me warn you, it is season time for Summer Festival, so make sure to visit early summer to avoid the crowd. Anyways, if you are visiting Ooty, make the garden your first stop. It is open from 7 AM-6 PM. There is enough parking space, but won’t be enough during the seasonal time. So better get a bus or auto. It’s 2-3min away from the Ooty Main Bus stop. You need to get an entry ticket which costs around 50Rs for adults and Rs 25 for children. Make sure to take your camera with you because it is an irresistible place for anyone who loves photographs. Even if you are not a photography enthusiast you would eventually become one.

On the whole, Ooty Botanical Garden is for me, a place I would love to put a tent and live there forever.

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By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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