Happy World Tourism Day 2022

Happy World Tourism Day Illustration Happy World Tourism Day Folks! Felt like sharing my deepest concern on this wonderful day. I feel like it’s the right time to share. Before that, let me introduce this illustration which I spent almost 4-5 hrs to ideate and creating. Behind is a part of Western Ghats, and as…… Continue reading Happy World Tourism Day 2022

Impressive & Mood Binding Themes Of Google Chrome

It is a well-known fact that Google Chrome is the predominantly used web browser among more than 2.65 billion internet users worldwide, including you and me. That’s not just the end, remember that it is also that almost every single day more than 20 million people use Google on their everyday basis. It has inevitably…… Continue reading Impressive & Mood Binding Themes Of Google Chrome

Heaven On Earth: Ooty Botanical Garden

Well, the title might sound a bit extreme. But, being a mountain person and plant and flower enthusiast, the Ooty Botanical garden is close to what heaven feels like for me. It is one of the most tourist-centric hotspots of Ooty laid down in 1897. Occupying a vast area (55 acres), this garden showcases the…… Continue reading Heaven On Earth: Ooty Botanical Garden

Marching Away From My 25th March

March, the month I love the most. The reason is quite simple, it’s the month that my mother gave birth to me. It’s the month I feel at home. It’s the month that made me cry a lot. It’s the month that made me who I am. It is also the month I reborn. It’s…… Continue reading Marching Away From My 25th March

TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!

Poster design by Netflix Creative Studio Poster design by MOT

If you haven’t watched the first part of Tall Girl before, watch that and then start watching Tall Girl 2. Tall Girl has a special place in my memory. The way it broke the stereotype, the way it fight backs louder than any scream could get. It seems like another highschool drama. But, it is…… Continue reading TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!


As I grow and grow and grow. Life seems less unpredictable and tasteless. People are turning into a book whose ending I already got figured out. Again, easy to predict. A few months back, I came across a clip where Tom Hanks says, “If you feel bad right now if you are pissed off at…… Continue reading Thriving

Rusabl – Reusable Straw Review

If you have previously read my post on “8 Ways to bring out the responsible traveller inside you”, you could probably come across the term “Reusable Straws”. When there is a debate on pollution, there is always a point where a discussion about straws that comes under the spotlight.  The use of plastic straws became…… Continue reading Rusabl – Reusable Straw Review

Pointers To Choose Mattresses & Review On Duroflex Mattresses

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Our bed is the place we often seek solace from all the torments of reality where the door to the illusionary dreams open. After being hit by tiredness, both physical and mental, reaching out to the bed and falling into the comforts of the mattress is the best thing that happens in a day. In…… Continue reading Pointers To Choose Mattresses & Review On Duroflex Mattresses

Art: A Way To Let Go Of All Your Complex Feelings

Art has a combined face of complexity and transparency especially for those who don’t pursue as a career but has admiration. Art I mean here is almost every form, from painting, dance, sculpturing to music”. Over time it has been projected in a way like it’s not for everyone. It has given a standard and…… Continue reading Art: A Way To Let Go Of All Your Complex Feelings

And It’s Here – Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3!

Hey people, ever heard of Chennai Photo Biennale? If someone have asked the same question to me before 2019, I would have said “No”, but not anymore. The first time I came across Chennai Photo Biennale was in 2019, on Instagram. It was when they were conducting a captivating Photography exhibition “CPB Edition 2” around…… Continue reading And It’s Here – Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3!

Yumi’s Cells: Creative and Relatable!

Yumi's Cells Poster. Poster Source: tvN

South Korean writers and their creativity never cease to inspire and surprise. Yumi’s Cells is definitely one such beautiful piece of work that I fell in love with very recently. Being a story that revolves around the female lead Yumi, the idea of bringing life to the webtoon story through both filming and animation is…… Continue reading Yumi’s Cells: Creative and Relatable!

Language and Culture

Photo by Lady Escabia on Pexels.com

Languages and literatures are not only a way to communicate and express but also an important aspect in all the cultures. Languages are doors to new cultures. If you look closely, being one of the primary vehicle of communication it enabled our forefathers and us to transfer our cultures generation after generation. Apart from the…… Continue reading Language and Culture