Art: A Way To Let Go Of All Your Complex Feelings

Art has a combined face of complexity and transparency especially for those who don’t pursue as a career but has admiration. Art I mean here is almost every form, from painting, dance, sculpturing to music”. Over time it has been projected in a way like it’s not for everyone. It has given a standard and a patent that anyone is expected to follow. Of course, there are some exceptions if you are a renowned artist. But, ever wondered putting these standards can place a full stop to endless possibilities of creativity.

In a world filled with millions and billions of people, there are equal possibilities for art to break its cage.

Art is like an air that cannot be contained. If the first human contained the art form into a certain standard it wouldn’t have outgrown to a wide range of artistic techniques that the world admires at present.

Pretty sure that many of us have heard the phrase, “art is a form of expression”. It is way more expressive than we could imagine, but we started to forget it. Why? Because art is considered only as a talent. Some even reinforce the idea that, “art is something you are supposed to learn to do”. Is this true? May be. But not always and not in every situation.

Singing, dancing or painting, any form of art belongs to everyone. It cannot be just put into a box and labelled. Over the ages, humanity used art forms as a part of language and communication. While some project joy, anger, sadness others used it to show love and praise. Back then every person was allowed to express their art form and was appreciated. And that is why we could see distinctive artistic styles belonging to numerous existing cultures. But now, not anymore and it is not for everyone.

Even among art pursuing students, there is a huge competition among them. They are expected to learn what already exist and unlearn the same by breaking the tradition through creativity.

Today’s capitalistic world categorised art and art forms by fixing a price tag. I don’t completely blame this attitude. Paying to enjoy art is agreeable. But paying to express art… the sad reality is, it separated a normal person’s connection with her/his innate artistic expression. World projects that an art is considered to be praiseworthy only if it is learnt and practised. Because of this, a lot of them decided to keep art aside, thinking they are not that good at doing it or only certain people are worthy of connecting and expressing art.

Well, it is not a concrete reality. Art is for everyone. Art belongs to everyone. Art cannot be contained with rules and standards as it is meant to be break free and liberate the truest form of expression through colours, techniques, words or music. Besides art is a nature’s and life’s way of expressing and liberating all its pent up emotion.

If you are happy, angry or sad or whatever the emotional baggage may be… You can liberate its complexity with art. It doesn’t have to be understood by others or have to be a critically acclaimed piece of work.

Your painting doesn’t have to be that picture-perfect art, balanced by perfect colour combination. No. It doesn’t have to be. Because let’s not forget these words- “art for art’s sake”. Literally. If your emotions are bursting out in the form of a song with a tune that the world doesn’t have ever heard before, that doesn’t mean it is not real or unworthy. Because every form of art was once confusing, alien and has its newness during its birth.

I find art as instinctive than something that can be attained only by learning. Sometimes the “I-don’t-care attitude” is necessary to rebuild the broken bond to any art form. It is boundless and we are the ones staying away from artforms thinking we don’t deserve to indulge in the joy of making it.

Whenever I feel the strongest or weakest emotions, I sit in a corner and seek comfort in painting, drawing and at times singing. We don’t have to be good in any of these. Because there isn’t an exact definition of good here while giving life to “your” emotion. Because it’s your emotion, only you know how it feels and in which way it can be expressible.

So, all I am trying to say is don’t separate yourself from art. Retrace your connection by indulging in any of its forms that bring you comfort. It is the best, cheapest and immediate therapy you could find anywhere. Let us not limit ourselves from our natural inclination.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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