Yumi’s Cells: Creative and Relatable!

Yumi's Cells
Yumi's Cells Poster. Poster Source: tvN

South Korean writers and their creativity never cease to inspire and surprise. Yumi’s Cells is definitely one such beautiful piece of work that I fell in love with very recently. Being a story that revolves around the female lead Yumi, the idea of bringing life to the webtoon story through both filming and animation is in itself is an awestruck feature of this series.

Yumi’s Cells is the story of Yumi, a normal working woman in her 30s and her lovely cells, who try their best to care for and protect Yumi in her everyday life. Yes! Each and every eccentric cell will eventually steal your heart by the end of the show. Thanks to the voice actors who have done a great job, Yumi’s Cells has an admirable aura during the entire season 1. Of course, the character Yumi, played by Kim Go Eun, will also become close to our hearts forever.

From Yumi, her cells to every aspect of the story were made so relatable and will make you feel at home. It still makes me wonder how did the webtoon writer, Lee Dong Gun came with such an imaginative plot.

Relatability is the strength of most of the Korean series. As a woman, most of us can’t find relatable stories in series or movies as almost all of the stories revolve around men. Even if you find some of the stories on women, they would eventually portray female characters stereotypically with a cliche plot and surprisingly we would probably come across one story that feels relatable to some extent. And that’s why many of the K-Series is admirable.

One such story is Yumi’s Cells, which went ahead and connected people with its storyline in the best way by highlighting the beauty of looking at little things and normal things that we almost fail to notice every day, through the cells such as hunger cell, rational cell, anxiety cell and emotion cell. And that’s what makes you hooked to this story.

You can find yourself somewhere in Yumi. For me when Yumi gets bothered by people, Yumi going to check if she switches the gas off before sleeping(anxiety cell), when Yumi overspends by the influence of the Fashion cell, and when Yumi’s writer cell gets influenced by reward and Yumi confronting Woong’s mistake, were felt like moments of watching myself in the mirror.

I am pretty sure most of you must have skipped watching Yumi’s cell after seeing the animated characters in the poster and trailer, thinking it’s not for adults. Don’t worry, there are quite a lot of romantic elements which portrays the romantic relationship, dilemmas and issues between Yumi and Woong beautifully and to some extent realistically.

There will be various moments that give you goosebumps and move your heart. But the one scene which got etched in my heart is when Yumi made herself her priority. And when one of her cells reminded her that there was no leading man except her in her life, we could realise “Yumi’s Cells” tried its best in reinforcing the idea of self-love consequently! In a world where we push ourselves aside by giving priority to others. Yumi’s cells have highlighted the necessity of keeping ourselves a priority to make the right decisions in life.

Every character in Yumi’s cell is portrayed distinctively. Goo Woong character was a little polished unlike in Webtoon. To be honest, the casting was done so well. Especially Yumi by Go Eun, Woong played by Ahn Bo Hyun and Yu Babi played by Park Jin Young! and more.

With Yumi’s Cells, 1st season ended with Yumi finding herself making big decisions. I am eagerly waiting for Season 2 which was under the filming process. If you haven’t watched Yumi’s Cells yet it’s time for you to watch before 2021 ends so that we all can wait together for Season 2 with new Loveline, characters and to welcome back Yumi’s adorable cells.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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  1. I found Yumi’s Cells not for me (adults) initially as well, but as you put it, we all find ourselves In one way or another in Yumi (and from one of her cells). I’m happy I picked it up again and I loved it! I still laugh whenever I remember the overspending scene from Fashion cell and Lust’s cell tongue-licking face lol!

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