Blue Period: 2021’s Must-Watch Anime

Blue Period
Source: Netflix

There is always a tall wall that separates the people who are called, mediocre, average and underdog aka hard workers from people who are known as genius. Blue Period is the story of such a hard-working high school student Yatora Yaguchi who steps into the exhilarating world of art competing against himself and quirky art geniuses who faces their own dilemmas.

Unlike many anime’s this coming-of-age story might feel going a little slow but, the colourful aesthetics, the journey that it is about to take as Yatora transforms from the smartest kid in the class to a beginner art student, there is more to expect. While there are many peculiar characters, Yatora feels so much relatable. In my case, there are many moments I find the school version of me in Yatora.

Being perceived as a genius among his peers and friends because of his grade, only he knows the immense effort, time and hard work that carried him there. Despite that, he decided to change his career plans by barging into the unknown realm of Art. This anime helps the viewers to get to know more about artistic techniques and some of the plight of art students. I am pretty sure its awarded Manga was quite popular among art students. Naturally, its anime version will also be pretty much popular around the world and makes it highly relatable for students who are perceiving art as a career.

This anime feels like an ode to the art and the author has truly tried to give credit to all the hard work behind someone’s success which people usually forget when they are at their peak. There are various moments like moments when crisis arise as Yatora try to figure out his style or the way small praise alleviates his confidence even if it lasts for a minute or being bothered by geniuses that push him to put n-times effort more than them reflects the life of every human out there who struggles to get what they want by playing with all in.

This anime will literally take you on an unexpected journey!

So far there are only 6 episodes arrived, and that doesn’t give character depth to other characters except for Yatora. For now, all we can do is wait and see. Because most of the anime becomes quite influential especially when almost all the characters show out their colours. Other than that I am quite curious how much Yatora goes and how much it takes for him to attain his dream.

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