Pointers To Choose Mattresses & Review On Duroflex Mattresses

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Our bed is the place we often seek solace from all the torments of reality where the door to the illusionary dreams open. After being hit by tiredness, both physical and mental, reaching out to the bed and falling into the comforts of the mattress is the best thing that happens in a day. In my case, it is the best friend that sticks with us in the worst moment at times literally.

In the previous blog post, I have kept my focus only on the bed frame, so that I could give a broad overview of the mattress part.

Just like bed cots, I have put more time on research before ordering mattresses to my parents as well as my brother who has been using beds without mattresses for a while.

In India, there are an endless number of mattress brands that compete in the market, while initially, the mattress industry focused on providing comfort as the main factor to attract customers, currently, there are more than enough specifications in mattresses that are used effectively to lure the buyers. Bringing in the medical factor like, protecting your spinal posture.. etc… etc…was the greatest changemaker in the industry.

From bit old brands like Century, Sleepwell, Kurl-On, Duroflex, Springtek to current competitors like SleepX, Wakefit, Peps and more, finding the right brand is the challenge for any beginner.

If you are a person who thinks about what is in a mattress?! I used to be care less about it in the past too. But, I have been tormented by coir mattresses more than enough. So I am the kind of person who recommends either sleeping on the right mattress or sleeping without a mattress.

Things you need to remember before buying a Mattress

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It is essential to choose the right mattress equally as the bed frame. Especially if you are going to buy it for your parents, grandparents or someone who has back pain. Sometimes, choosing the right mattress improves your sleep(every bed mattress brand’ claims) and improves your back stability.

So, to give you some clarity, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before buying a mattress.

1. Make Sure Of the Size of Your Bed Cot

If you are planning to buy a new mattress for the cot you already have, make sure to measure it rightly unlike me. That was the first lesson I learnt while buying a mattress for my brother’s bedframe. Whether it’s a small, queen size or king size mattress, make sure to cross-check the dimension on the website of the brand from which you are buying. You can also customize the thickness of the mattress like 4 inches – 10 inches. Price may change accordingly.

If you want to be more careful and don’t mind much about offers, you can visit the store directly and cross-check before ordering. Besides, if you don’t find the right size, many brands offer personalization options.

2. Choose The Right Mattress For Right Need

There are different types of mattresses in terms of materials and comfort level which makes you choose the one that coincides with your needs. The very first mattress we used was the Ilavam Panju mattress(Silk Cotton Mattress), nothing can replace it. The best, but not easily available with the same old authentic quality these days. Besides, each type of mattress also has a different level of firmness. When it comes to mattresses, there is a firmness scale which you also need to consider before buying. Each brand has a different scale so be wary of it.

  • Coir Mattress: The most basic mattress material is coir mattress which I don’t recommend much. Though it supports your back well, during summer it becomes unbearable to sleep peacefully on it plus at some point you will definitely be poked by the coir.
  • Foam Mattress: These mattresses comes with regular foam material along with other materials like fabric.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: The trendiest type of mattress at present is the memory foam mattress which are considered to be softest, reboundable and wraps around as it feels like you are sinking in to the bed. This foam was created by NASA to use for cuision in their aircraft. But, it is better to check review of the memory mattress you are planning to buy. Because certain memory foam are reported to release some sort of unpleasing odour. Plus it is also believed to give out alot of heat if the mattress is very soft.
  • Gel Foam Mattress: Like mentioned before, the softer the memory foam mattress they are believed to emit more heat, to avoid this Gel foam mattresses are highly prefered. It is a combination of both foam and cooling gel which are marketed as something that makes you feel cool, refreshing and cozy.
  • Orthopedic Mattress: Orthopedic mattresses usually comes with zones. The number of zones may change according to the brands which supports the posture and most importantly believed to relieve orthopedic pain by adjusting in a way by working well on pressure points.
  • Spring Mattress: Spring mattresses are usually on the expensive side. There are different types of spring mattresses in the market like bonnel spring, pocket spring and more. These mattresses also known as inner spring mattresses which has springs in the frame stacked with several other comfortable foam materials. This traditional type of mattress is also considered to be pain relieving mattress especially for back or stomach sleepers.
  • Latex Mattress: This highend mattress is suitable for you if you are environmentally conscious and rich. The rich part is the most significant. Latex mattresses are very expensive as it is made of natural material derived from rubber tree along with various other materials. It is also highlighted in the market as a mattress that causes minimal environmental impact. This is considered to be durable, bouncy and as comfortable as memory form mattresses. You can go ahead if you find it affordable.

3. Keep It Within The Budget

Once you know more about the mattress material, it is better to check different brands’ sites and cross-check the price. It is essential to be sure of your budget or else you will be exhausted while trying to decide on the mattress. It is essential to compare with other brands so that you can figure out if the mattress you are buying is worth the price you are buying.

4. Check For Warranty

It is essential to check for the warranty while buying any product. This is the same with mattresses too. If you have read the previous article on bed cots, I have mentioned that only a few years of warranty is provided for bed cots. But for mattresses, the warranty may extend from 5-15 years. So, you need to decide to buy a mattress by knowing if it provides enough warranty for the price you pay.

5. If Buying Online, Buy From Brand Website

If you are buying online, it is better to order from the brand website instead of Amazon and Flipkart. There are two reasons I am giving this suggestion for.

  1. Even if you have any trouble, you can easily reach out to customer service officers of the brand and demand your need to change or alter the piece.
  2. During festivals, brand websites give jaw-dropping offers compared to Amazon or Flipkart.

6. Make Sure To Check Customer Feedback

No matter which mattress you buy, make sure to check customers feedbacks. Check each and every feedback, both positive and negative feedbacks on different sites. It will help you choose the right one. You will definitely come across many negative comments but weigh them along with positive comments to make the decision.

Review On Duroflex Mattress

Bed Cover from Raymond

I have ordered two mattresses from Duroflex and I am simply impressed by their product, service as well as customer care. The first one was LiveIn Dual Side Mattress and the second was LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress.

After some serious level of research, I finally decided to go with Duroflex. It wasn’t easy because it was the very first time I am searching, selecting and ordering a mattress by myself. It is a tiring process with uncertainty.

The reason I decided to go with Duroflex and things that impressed me:

Duroflex Orthopedic Mattress
  1. Website: The website layout of Duroflex is very neat, simple and quite appealing. The description, information, price and customisation for each product is quite clear and simple to access and order product at our own ease.
  2. Offer: We bought during Deepavali/Diwali sale. Duroflex during that time were surprisingly generous with offers that almost brought the price down compared to amazon or flipkart. Plus they also provided free antiviral cover during the sale. Impressed.
  3. Packaging Innovation: I guess alot of brands sell the Bed-In-Box range. But, I was quite new to it, and Duroflex introduced me to this range. I was surprised by the way the literally fit the bed in box and made DIY post delivery. LiveIn series mattresses are mostly Bed-In-Box range and it was fun to set the bed.
  4. Service: Well, during our purchase for Dual Side Mattress, we kind of made a mistake. We weren’t aware that our bed was Queen size and ordered Double size bed. We kind of thought whatever, and gave up for a day or two as we unpacked it and started using it. But, though of giving a try reaching out to customer service. We were able to reach the customer service executive. They attended our call and discussed our concern. But, there was a tiring part to it. We got the replacement bed. But there was a delay in taking back the wrong sized product. But thanks to their active existance in Instagram, I reached out again and it went well. After few steps we were able to replace the mattress and antiviral cover. Again, Impressed.

Product Quality:

  • The LiveIn 2-in-1 dual side mattress is wonderful, very comfortable, the fit is a little, like very little off but it is good especially when it comes to making us sleep better. It has soft firm on one side and medium firm on other side. We can turn it as per our preferrence.
  • The LiveIn Orthopedic mattress: We bought this especially considering my mother who had Spinal Surgery 3-4 years back. So, I was so careful before buying and so worried till it delivered, wondering if it would help her for better. The bed looks so beautiful even without bedsheet, but you should use bed sheet anyways. This is a medium firm mattress and is surprisingly very very comfortable. I loved it more than the previous one. It is a bit pricy but, just like I mentioned earlier, we bought it during Diwali sale so no regrets. So far, my parents find it extremely comfortable.
  • Antiviral Protector Cover: We got them for free during the sale. It is dust and water proof, easy to put on the bed and highly recommendable while buying your mattress if you are scared of pouring something on your precious bed at some point.

Well, I highly recommend buying a Duroflex mattress a one-hundred per cent. Especially during the festive sale. Yes! If you are buying in-store there might be chances that it makes you frown hearing the price. But, to be honest almost all the mattresses are very expensive these days. But, with proper research and making your move at proper timing, you can get the best deal.

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