Pointers Before Buying A Bed Cot & Review On Jeyachandran Furnitures

Very recently, I have purchased a new bed cot/bed frame for my parents. Our old cot was made of steel and fit only one adult for a comfortable sleep. So, my brother and I decided to get a comfortable bed for our parents during Diwali season.

Well, it was my very first shopping experience that specifically focus on buying things for our parents, like an adult. Just for our parents! So, I definitely put a lot of effort into finding a good one at the same time, I tried not to empty the pocket realising that we have to spend more on mattresses.

Things you need to remember before buying a Bed

During this experience, I have learnt a lot about furnitures, especially beds. So here are some of the things you need to remember before buying a bed.

1. The first move to do is to decide a suitable size. There are different size of bed cots

It is always essential to figure out the size of your bed beforehand. There are different sizes and dimensions of beds in the market. You need to be aware of it or else it might hinder the comfort and space that you expect to have. Each size of bed also has different dimensions. So make note of it too.

  • Single Size: For children and those who has small bedroom space. There are different dimensions like : 36 Inches * 72/75/78 inches.
  • Double Size: For a single person who likes to have more room to twist and turn while sleeping. There are different dimensions like: 48 Inches * 72/75/78 Inches
  • Queen Size: Perfect fit for 2 adults to sleep without cramping. Comes with different dimensions like: 60 Inches * 72/75/78 Inches
  • King Size: Suitable for 2 adults and a child. Has distinct dimensions like: 72 Inches * 72/75/78 Inches
  • Bunk: Bunk beds are suitable for 2 kids. It has one deck of bed over another.

2. Confirm the material of the bed frame

The material of a bed frame varies depending on the price and purpose of the bed frame. When I researched about beds, I came across different types of wood materials from which bed frames are made from. Teak wood is the most famous and generic material to go for, if you have a budget of 20,000 and more. Other than that there are many varieties to look out for. Remember that only the frame is made from distinctive woods. The centre portion of the bed where the Mattress is laid will be plywood for almost all type of beds except upholstered beds – which are made of fabric and has an attractive cushioned headboard.

  • Budget: Nagercoil wood, steel, plywood and engineered wood.
  • Midrange/Expensive: Teakwood, Sheesham wood Mahogany, Oak, Birchwood, Sal wood, Upholstered beds and more

3. Make note of facilities you expect to have on your bed cot

Multipurpose bedframes started trending ten years back and still continue to broaden up. So, make sure to create a checklist that highlights important facilities you expect from your bed.

  • Hydraulic Storage: If you want extra storage for your bedding and pillows or any other things, this facility will compromise your need.
  • Stands and shelves: Lots of bed frames comes with stands and shelves attatched to it inorder to keep phones, stack books and more.
  • Movable/ portable: If you think you often like to move different places as a result of work or if you live in rent house, chosing a portable or movable bedframes makes things easier.

4. Make sure to research nearby showrooms

If you live in a city or location where there are enough furniture shops and showrooms around a 10 Km radius, lookout for some of the preferable stores by googling. Once you arrived at around a list of 10 stores, visit their web pages, check feedbacks on different sites. The reason to find the shops around a 10 KM radius is that many furniture stores offer free delivery if you live somewhere around the distance of 10KM.

If you want to customise the bed frame to your own liking, talk to the storekeepers over a call before visiting to check if the stores offer those facilities. Most importantly check if they offer products that fit your budget.

5. Make sure to visit the shops and check for warranty

Once you arrived at a list, it is important to visit at least 5 of the stores from the list before deciding the final decision. Check the different models, touch them and check the material firmness, and check if the plywood at the centre is at least 0.8-1-5 inches. Most importantly cross-check on how much warranty they offer. Previously many stores offer at least 3-4 years warranty. But at present maximum 2 years warranty and no more than that.

Jeyachandran Furnitures Review

We decided to visit 4 of the stores including Jeyachandran Furnitures in Pallikarnai, Tamil Nadu. While other stores(Brown Elephant, Sofa 33 and Wooden Street) were added to the list because of the bed models that I saw on their websites. Jeyachandran was added to the list because of the bed frame which our dad bought for us years back.

Jeyachandran Furnitures
Jeyachandran Furnitures Floor

If you look closely, stores like Brown Elephant, Sofa 33 and Wooden Street have models which are quite common in a way that they are high end brands. Brown Elephant is comparatively affordable but offers only bed frames made of engineered wood. Whereas Sofa 33 and Wooden Street are for people who are ready to spend more than 27,000. Though the Wooden Street website shows budget models you can’t find anything in the showroom at that price. You won’t have staffs coming towards you if you need anything. When it comes to service, Sofa 33 staff won’t even look at you unless you are a bit well off and it hurts… A little.

To be honest, the first store we visited was Jeyachandran. But we decided to check out other stores before to assure that we were making right decision. In the end, after every experience we had, models we saw and service we encountered, we finally decided to go with Jeyachandran.

When we visit it, which was during October 2021, they were practising safety protocols like sanitization and compulsory masks before entering. But, I have noticed that quite a number of shoppers removing their masks and roaming around in the clothing section and on the other side very few staffs were seen without masks.

It was 16 years since I visited any of the Jeyachandran branches. I was quite surprised by their management. It is completely different from what it was in the past. Though I didn’t visit any other floor, I was surprised specifically by the furniture section.

Some of the things that impressed me about Jeyachandran Furnitures:

Jeyachandran Furnitures Pallikarnai
Jeyachandran- Pallikarnai
  1. There were enough staffs around to serve the visitors unlike the staffing I saw in some of the highend shops.
  2. The staffs were extremely professional, patient, friendly and they will stick with you and help you out throughout the process. We took so much time actually, but it went well thanks to them.
  3. They speak your language, I mean, this is not just about storekeepers talking in Tamil but also about the way they speak and understand the language of customers.
  4. There are different models. Though some of them are basic, there are also attractive models, and they are well made and priced reasonably.
  5. You can’t bargain much. All of them are sold at fixed price. Still, they offer 2 years warranty.
  6. The staffs know what they are selling. They clearly know about the wood, dimension and their lifespan as most of them are also carpenters, you feel at ease at certain moments.
  7. If you live around 10 KM radius they offer free delivery and free assembly at the same day.
  8. The most surprising thing was, Jeyachandran’s change and evolution. They are trying to stick with the trend. Yes! They have loyalty program.

On the whole, we made the purchase and was pretty much satisfied. We bought a wooden bed cot – Nagercoil wood for around 15,000Rs. They delivered it for free and assembled it on the same day.

While the other stores we visited kind of made us pretty anxious and you know, a bit gloomy too. I was glad that the Jeyachandran furniture section made us feel at ease and comfortable. I was really happy looking at the way it has grown up after all these years. I’d probably buy there again without a doubt.

I have shared the location of Jeyachandran below!

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