K-Series With Amazing Storyline

The highlight or advantage of Korean series when it comes to attracting viewers around the world is because of their powerful storyline and flattering plot structure. Whatever the genre may be the team of writers gives life to it through relatable characterization, a strong script and a jaw-dropping twist that incline us to stick with the rest of the story without getting us bored even for a moment.

Here are a few recommendations out of all the Korean series I have watched that made me sit on the edge of my seat.

5 Korean Dramas With Powerful Storyline

  • Signal
  • Pinocchio
  • Go Back Couple
  • Stove League
  • Itaewon Class


Signal Promotional Poster. Source: TVN

Whenever someone I know is starting to watch a Kdrama and wanted me to suggest something with a good story, I always recommend Signal.

A series starring that has the most powerful storyline that made me expect more from movies and shows I watched after that.

Starting from the storyline, script, cinematography to the background score, everything lifts it up. The main theme is time and crime. The main characters get caught in the time loop and try to make things right to end their misery connected by a tragic past. You will be hooked to it till the end.

Kim Hye Soo(such a queen), Cho Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon portray their characters so real that it will take a lifetime to forget them.


Pinocchio Promotional Poster. Source: SBS

Romance, Crime, Mystery, Betrayal and Comradeship, you could see everything beautifully woven together and laid out like a carpet for bringing out an extremely engaging and interesting plotline of Pinocchio.

The title Pinocchio is a symbolism that adds more to the entire plot that highlights the power every journalist withhold and how much impact can lie uproot the life of normal people. Every character try hard to overcome the challenges and outgrew themselves. The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk as well as Lee Pil Mo and Lee Yu-bi will make this story a bit more funny and entertaining.

You have no place to get bored at any moment of the story. Every critical moment unwinds so beautifully in every episode.

Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple Promotional Poster. Source: KBS

Go Back Couple is one of the most refreshing dramas from 2017. Being a Jang Nara fan, this is also a memorable series for me.

The plot beautifully uses time that literally takes back a normal couple after their divorce to their past to realise where things go wrong, to learn their mistake, to mend their relationship and embrace every opportunity they missed. It brings so much laughter as well as tears.

The story begins with how much life changes for a normal couple after the moment that every fairytale says “And they happily lived forever”. Moments that usually gets tougher on women as well as on men.

From the beginning till the end you will completely become one with the story.

Hot Stove League

Hot Stove League Promotional Poster. Source: By SBS

This series’s plot doesn’t involve Loveline, there aren’t many comical moments, but will definitely make you smile at various moments and you will definitely have goosebumps.

Nam Koong Min is one of the well-versed actors who always tend to choose diverse characters to play. Whether it’s bubbly, crazy or villainous, the acting skill of this emotive actor will make you off-guard. Naturally, hands down, he gave the best performance in this unlikely but best-scripted series.

Hot Stove League is a sports drama that doesn’t involve many adrenal rushing sporting moments but it is a story that many of us are unheard of. It is definitely unlike any other plotline.

This series brings forward the managerial work and things that happen behind the image of baseball sport that we usually get to see. From hiring and firing of players to hierarchical issues, many moments make you feel how tough it is to be a manager, how hard it must be for professional players and makes you realise that there is more to what we see in the world of sports.

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class Poster
Itaewon Class Poster. Source: By JTBC

Inspired by webtoon, the Itaewon class is a surprise from beginning till end. It not only got the best plotline, but it is also lucky with the screenplay, ost, casting and dialogues.

Many moments make you feel close to the characters the way it is scripted. Various lines make you want to quote it, print it out and hang it on the wall of your room.

For a revenge drama, the plotline is quite admirable and unique. To be honest, this popular series has such a vital storyline, especially for young adults.

The character development of every character is a pure inspiration to watch forward to. Every character is portrayed beautifully and staged perfectly.

You will eventually fall in love with the way the story showcased societal flaws as well as the way it subtly broken the stereotypes.

You can watch all these on Netflix – Go Back Couple, Signal, Pinocchio, Hot Stove League, Itaewon Class

There are more than 100 stories that I could possibly list here. But in the upcoming post, some of the best series will come under different categorisation. So, make sure to subscribe to my blog and watch out.

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