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Little Women K-Series 2022 Little Women 2022 is a South Korean series with 12 episodes, broadcasted on Netflix and TvN. Being loosely adapted from one of the popular works of Louisa May Alcott, this series completely transgressed from anywhere from its original storyline and gave a modern and capitalistic twist. It is probably one of…… Continue reading LITTLE WOMEN – THE BEST THRILLER KDRAMA OF 2022

Top K-Series Starring Namkoong Min

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It’s been 9 years since I started watching Korean series and out of all the actors and actresses, Namkoong Min (NKM) is one of my most favorite artists who can nail diverse roles and make us admire or hate the character purely by portraying the character perfectly. Starting from being a Sociopathic villain, mysterious second…… Continue reading Top K-Series Starring Namkoong Min

K-Series With Amazing Storyline

The highlight or advantage of Korean series when it comes to attracting viewers around the world is because of their powerful storyline and flattering plot structure. Whatever the genre may be the team of writers gives life to it through relatable characterization, a strong script and a jaw-dropping twist that incline us to stick with…… Continue reading K-Series With Amazing Storyline

For A Healthy Dose Of Laughter: “So Not Worth It”

For those who wanted to watch something to let down your burden for a day and to relax your mind, Netflix got something for you. A worthy drama to watch which brings you unconditional laughter. So Not Worth It, is the latest Netflix Original Korean Sitcom. The name is quite contradictory, cause it is worthy…… Continue reading For A Healthy Dose Of Laughter: “So Not Worth It”