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Little Women K-Series 2022

Little Women 2022 is a South Korean series with 12 episodes, broadcasted on Netflix and TvN. Being loosely adapted from one of the popular works of Louisa May Alcott, this series completely transgressed from anywhere from its original storyline and gave a modern and capitalistic twist. It is probably one of the best and most impactful shows that I watched this year. I have this obsession with stories that revolve around women. I grew up in a society that tells its story only from the perspective of “Men” and never allowed women to look from their own. And South Korean series, to be honest, are opening the rusted jarred door of women’s perspective to open. This show has received well among international audiences for the dripping suspense, overflowing thrill and tint of the reality of the class differences in the world. Now, let me introduce its short plot without spoiling it.

Short Plot

Little Women is about the 3 Oh sisters who have already been suffocated by the clutches of poverty and end up getting caught in the web of a rich and politically powerful family. The beginning of chaos starts with a death and a mysterious Orchid flower, followed by which the elder sister Oh In Joo mysteriously getting her hands on a great sum of money that ultimately brings a man Choi Do Il into the picture and some unexpected threats. Things will further start to worsen as the 2nd sister Oh In Kyeong, who is a reporter, starts to show interest in unveiling a case that involves the powerful family into which the 3rd sister, Oh In Hye, the talented artist already gets into their affiliation because of her friendship with the daughter of their house.

4 Reasons That You Shouldn’t Miss Watching Little Women

Little Women 2022 official promotional poster. The poster art copuright belong to the distributor of the television series, TvN and TVING.

I could give as many reasons for you guys and convince you guys to watch this show, but let me just stick with the main 4 reasons to lure you into watching this adapted masterpiece.

Women Made & Women-Centric:

If you live in a country where almost all cinemas or TV programs you watch are created by men and almost all stories these movies come up only revolve around men whereas women characters are there either to dance and romance, or play the victim or play a mother, and you are fed up, Little Women is exactly for you. Because, this series is in my eyes, every women’s inspiration and motivation. A story and script came alive from the minds of a talented woman – Writer Chung Seo Kyung.

The entire series was directed and created into exceptional art by a cast and crew led by woman director – Kim Hee Won. And not to forget the front liners of the show, the most talented female protagonists and antagonists – Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ji Won and more. Kim Go Eun has nailed it. And has stolen the show with such a terrific performance and she is going to steal all the awards for being the best. So is Uhm Ji Won. Hats off to this lady. And most importantly this story is not going to be about a man searching for power, money and justice. Its women. Women are portrayed as a human with flaws, power, desire, guts and ambition. That’s the beauty of this series which made it an art that deserves a crown.

The Twists:

Though I have watched all the shows adapted from the original Little Women, right from the moment TvN released its teaser, it got me on the hook. The completely modernised plot has a twist to reveal almost every week. The 12-episode is a rollercoaster ride. The thrill, the dialogues and the perfect chills that got along the way are beyond what you can experience. The story tends to start from one central point, that is the Oh sisters’ family and it diverges into different stories placing mystery after mystery and all these get unravelled and meet at one single point. The twists are beyond comprehension and makes you jump and scream with surprise. Such a refreshing plot twists.

The Cinematography & Creativity:

I have mentioned Little Women as an art, not just because of the story or involved art, but also the way it was directed and gave importance to details. From the Ghost Orchid, and Princess of Thieves orchid to the controversial family, every single element is crafted carefully in a way at some point we tend to believe it. And most importantly the background music for each situation, each person, each element and flashbacks are customised and portioned with emotion in it. The opening video, which was slides of illustrational animation that almost delivers all that’s about to happen in the story is beyond words and is pure creativity. Besides, there are lots of metaphors, symbolisms and easter eggs that make the entire series extremely entertaining to watch. It in some way makes us think and solve the mysteries, and play the game along with the characters. The ghost orchid, the shoes, and the money literally have their own character slot. The angles that hit you up with emotions, the colour tones, the slow motions, the close-ups and the amazing editing work that doesn’t even feel the transition but a flow gives you literal goosebumps. And I am pretty envious of the brilliance and creativity that went into this work. And I admire the repetition of colours and brilliant usage of dialogues that make you think a lot.

Doing Justice To Theme & Characterisation:

Though the storyline and cultural representation is different from the original little women, the writer has preserved various elements, themes and characterisation. On many occasions, those who have read the original will feel the familiarity with the way the story goes, with the way the characters behave, especially the sisters. Though you see only 3 sisters, you will get to know about the 4th along the way. While almost all the adaptation of the novel makes Jo March tend to be unique, individualistic, rebellious, and personally who found to be relatable and special, here all three sisters reflect their character and each of them stood out in their way without completely losing their originality. Oh In Joo just like her parallel version of Meg March aware of her state, seeks love, and material and ends up marrying once and also calls herself to be popular among men. But unlike Meg, In Joo is divorced. Whereas Oh In Kyung is just like her parallel version of Jo March, a rebellious person, a reporter, honest and a person who seeks justice and tends to keep her goals as priority than searching for love, supported by her rich Grand Aunt but she ends up marrying her childhood friend, unlike Jo March. And similarly Oh In Hye also shares similar behavioural traits as Amy March that often get on your nerves. To be honest, almost all these three sisters and their behaviour and their decisions get on our nerves. I am happy it did. That’s how relatable it is.

Final Note

Little Women 2022, is definitely a piece of work and to be exact an art that you should watch it once in your lifetime. And as a woman, I personally admire this a lot and I am extremely proud of it. At some point, I am so glad that at least a lot of women in South Korea are making strides and creating a masterpiece that deserves applause and stands as an inspiration for our upcoming generation to dream of being a writer and director. Make sure to watch it along with your friends and family members and have some popcorn or makhana and much em. And make sure to have some water so that you don’t choke because of the sudden twists.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Its available in Netflix. Don’t forget to watch it! LINK:

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