TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!

Tall Girl 2
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If you haven’t watched the first part of Tall Girl before, watch that and then start watching Tall Girl 2.

Tall Girl has a special place in my memory. The way it broke the stereotype, the way it fight backs louder than any scream could get. It seems like another highschool drama. But, it is more than that. Besides, Jodi(Ava Michelle) and Dunklemen(Griffin Gluck) is one of my most favourite Netflix couples. Their charm has always been so surreal.

And with Tall girl 2, we get to see the beautiful and talented cast coming together along with some new faces, to show the world some greater things with cheerful musicals. Well! To be honest Tall Girl 2 has been beautifully scripted with great lines too, like when Harper Kreyman(Sabrina Carpenter) says, “Sometimes, you are your worst bully”. It hits hard. How many times those voices in our heads stopped ourselves from doing great things with our self doubts?

Throughout the movie we could see the reflection of people’s personal struggles. Starting from voices that stops Jodi doing things she loves doing to anxiety attacks. Its also refreshing to look at Stig and Fareeda.

We could see normalising of complexes felt by people on a normal basis. We could see normalising of people undergoing anxiety attacks. We could see sisters supporting each other. We could see a lot of forgiveness. We could see normalising of someone learning from their mistakes and turning into a new leaf, eventhough it was hard. I get severe anxiety attacks at times. So, it felt so personal when seeing Jodi parents calmed her down when she suddenly gets anxiety attacks. It showed how much it takes people to overcome childhood trauma caused by bodys shaming. Well, I still witness it happening around. Even adults does that to one another. Who should we blame.

All I could say is lack of awareness. Lack of awareness that got passed down on learning to overcome our personal obstacles. And our media’s are no way closer to help.

If you allow me I could pour down my admiration for this movie all day long. But, since I want you guys to watch it… Let me stop here.

Tall Girl 2 is a perfect movie to watch on a weekend! So watch it already!

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A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.


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