Happy World Tourism Day 2022

Happy World Tourism Day Illustration Happy World Tourism Day Folks! Felt like sharing my deepest concern on this wonderful day. I feel like it’s the right time to share. Before that, let me introduce this illustration which I spent almost 4-5 hrs to ideate and creating. Behind is a part of Western Ghats, and as…… Continue reading Happy World Tourism Day 2022

Marching Away From My 25th March

March, the month I love the most. The reason is quite simple, it’s the month that my mother gave birth to me. It’s the month I feel at home. It’s the month that made me cry a lot. It’s the month that made me who I am. It is also the month I reborn. It’s…… Continue reading Marching Away From My 25th March

TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!

Poster design by Netflix Creative Studio Poster design by MOT

If you haven’t watched the first part of Tall Girl before, watch that and then start watching Tall Girl 2. Tall Girl has a special place in my memory. The way it broke the stereotype, the way it fight backs louder than any scream could get. It seems like another highschool drama. But, it is…… Continue reading TALL GIRL 2 Review: Good Vibes!

Confession Of A K-Series Serial-Watcher!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

People laugh at me when I say I have learnt more than just language while watching K-dramas. Of course, it will be hard to accept. Because most of the people I know are exposed to movies or series that are not a product of proper research. After all, the plotlines are always generic – Boy…… Continue reading Confession Of A K-Series Serial-Watcher!