Impressive & Mood Binding Themes Of Google Chrome

Laptop and Flower Theme

It is a well-known fact that Google Chrome is the predominantly used web browser among more than 2.65 billion internet users worldwide, including you and me. That’s not just the end, remember that it is also that almost every single day more than 20 million people use Google on their everyday basis. It has inevitably integrated into our regular life.

Having this sort of technological accessibility which you look into almost every single day, did you know that you could also customize your Google browser page theme on your Desktop/Laptop?

If you take a moment and explore Google Chrome you would get to encounter an extensive range of extensions and themes that are in store for us. You can be a photographer, student, blogger, business professional, whoever you are, there are almost thousands of essential extensions available in the Google Chrome Web Store for desktops that allow you to incorporate these essentials to make Google feel at home.

Experience Newness With Google Chrome Theme

Screenshot of the Google Chrome Theme I am using

And for me, the most intriguing thing among all it offers is the “Themes”. It allows you to transform your browser to align it with your style, mood, and preferences. Initially, when I first identified themes in 2018, while I was exploring it, there were only solid color combinations and some generic themes with photographs. Still, at that point, it was more amusing to beat away the generic boring lifeless theme.

Now, it has thousands of enchanting themes from which you could try as many as you can. Give an all-new look to your browser that reflect your persona and the one that exactly clicks with your vibe. Beyond the single-core idea of themes, your user experience will be breaking bland with different categories of themes that are incorporating the art, design, and photography, spread out just for you to choose from.

From basic themes such as solid color themes to the latest mindblowing LGBTQ artist collections, there are themes for everyone. You could be a foodie, space admirer, minimalist, nature lover, Chinese zodiac enthusiast, anime fanatic, one who goes crazy for cars, one who supports a cause, one who prefers to see blue everywhere, or one who embraces art and culture… Google is trying to be inclusive here to some extent.




All it takes to change the theme for your Chrome page for your desktop is some 5-10 minutes of your time by following these simple steps. But remember, conditions applied if you are impressed by all the themes, it might take more time than expected. Now let’s get right on to action. There are different ways you can change your theme page.

Step by step to change your Theme in the Chrome:

Google Chrome Theme changing guide
Steps to change your theme in Google Chrome


Search “Google Chrome Theme” in Google from there you can directly go to the theme page and perform the last step mentioned in the above template. Or, even simple you can access the link which I have shared below or the Theme names which I have shared above to access them directly. Other than that you can also change your image icon and solid theme colour by selecting “Pencil Icon” in the Profile box.

Thats the end…

Hope you find this blog useful. If so, make sure to share it with your friends so that they get to enjoy the joy of finding the perfect theme for their web browser which has been making them bored all along. Also, make sure to share with us the name of your favorite theme below in the comment section and recommend it here to other readers without fail.

(If you have any doubts get back to me through comments.)

GC Theme Page Link: Click Here

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