Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Postcard Front Postcard Back I have recently visited Gangaikonda Cholapuram, one of the most ancient and renowned Temple in Tamilnadu which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. I’ll be putting up a blog post real soon about it. Before that, I felt like making a postcard with the illustration of one of the cutest Yali…… Continue reading Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Yali Postcard

Yali Postcard Front Yali Postcard Back Yali is a mythical creature that often feels like the dragon version of Tamil architecture that is engraved and carved in some of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu. There are different types of Yali, the one with the elephant head, horse head, lion head, and so on. Whenever…… Continue reading Yali Postcard

Impressive & Mood Binding Themes Of Google Chrome

It is a well-known fact that Google Chrome is the predominantly used web browser among more than 2.65 billion internet users worldwide, including you and me. That’s not just the end, remember that it is also that almost every single day more than 20 million people use Google on their everyday basis. It has inevitably…… Continue reading Impressive & Mood Binding Themes Of Google Chrome