TOMORROW: 2022’s Most Thoughtful Fantasy K-Series

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Tomorrow Kdrama (2022)

Tomorrow (2022) is a spectacular South Korean Tv Series broadcasted on MBC and Netflix from April 2022 – to May 2022. By lining up with the most good-looking and exceptionally talented lead actors such as Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On, and Kim Hae Sook, the series gained more attention even before it was started to telecast and kept its momentum till the final episode.

Short Plot

The drama plot initially begins with 2 Grim Reapers, Koo Ryeon and Lim Ryung Gu, preventing suicides among humans, and Choi Jun Woong, an exhausted young job seeker who accidentally goes into a coma while saving a man from committing suicide and end up working for 6 months at Jumadeung(a fictional workplace of Grim reapers who works to send humans to other life after death) with Risk Management Team along with Ryeon and Ryung Gu if he wants to wake up and get back to the world of living. Other than this, the story beautifully weaves both the mysterious relationship between Ryeon and Park Joong Gil. Besides, the plot depicts a slice of life through stories of various minor characters. And showcased the subtle beauty of Friendships, Love, and Relationships among different ages and gender, also highlighted the difficulties went through by Comfort Women because of Japanese during WWII, and even giving a beautiful altar by showing the beauty of relationship between us and our pets.

4 Reasons To Watch Tomorrow

There are 4 distinct elements of the show “Tomorrow that sets it to the bar as the 2022’s must-watch that could get you hooked to the screen throughout its 16 episodes.

First, the way the casting was done. Hee Sun stole the entire show over every episode and timescape through her powerful presence, charisma, and her beautiful costumes that literally stole my heart. And Lee Soo Hyuk suiting himself as a most handsome and hot-headed Grim Reaper and being obnoxious at various points. Ji-on as Lim is nothing but full of surprises. His hats-off performance and the way he portrayed the emotions and emotionlessness in this series compared to his previous projects are showing off his growth. Most importantly Rowoon playing Joon woong is the best thing that happened this year. Seeing him as the kindhearted, bubbly, and energetic youngster jumping to save people is more heartwarming than ever. The show literally gives us a group of most classy, handsome, and charming Grim Reapers to watch for.

Second, the settings. The effects and the entire idea of the fictional world of Jumadeung feel nothing different from a typical company in our world. It even makes sense at times. The colors that give the aura and mood of the story and the character’s personalities are spot on. The effects justify all the fantasy elements given to it. There are some places it kind of feels off and makes you question, still it’s not on the worse level on the scale. The historic setting during different flashbacks and the settings of those relevant time frame are so detailed that make us wonder at the perfectionism that went behind the series. Moreover, the title’s opening design elements, it is worth watching again and again. Perfect!

Next is the storyline and the script, from the beginning to end the story beautifully intertwines the relationship between all the characters, unraveled the character’s struggles and stories, one at a time, at places we never expect, not only lets ourselves understand them but also find ourselves in various points. The dialogues are not only powerful in bringing light to the daily struggles of different types of people but also make us reflect about the importance of the decisions we make and the impact they have on us and others.

Finally, the theme of Tomorrow. Most the Korean Series become extremely close to the heart because of their story which not only extends amusement and entertainment but also reflects and confronts a part of societal issues. “Tomorrow” is one such series that desparingly highlighted the most important social and mental issue in society as a theme – “Suicide“. Despite being a fantasy genre the story engages the viewers with a main plot and series of subplots that discuss various causes that push the people who go to such extremes such as unemployment, sexual harassment, abuse, personal misfortune, societal pressure, and past trauma. The best side about it was the way that it reinforces Suicides can be prevented and people can be saved. Often, these are left undiscussed at various levels even on a regular conversation. But I am glad Tomorrow did a great job in bringing it forward.

Even though it portrays self-harming in the context of sinning. The writer clearly depicted the immense pain and suffering that pushes oneself, the way people behave and words pushing others to the edge of the cliff and how this situation can be changed, and how personality also plays a critical role. The way the drama depicts these aspects clearly shows the research went behind it.

Final Note:

Tomorrow is a feel-good drama with a bit of everything, it has a story, a perfect cast, thought provoking theme, and yes, it also makes you laugh. I have never watched a show that completely centralizes to create awareness around Suicide. I am extremely glad they did. And this is what makes Tomorrow the most thoughtful drama of 2022!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Click here to watch Tomorrow on Netflix: Tomorrow

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