Ganache Creamy Milk – Fabelle Exquisite Handcrafted Chocolates Review

Fabelle Ganache Chocolate
Fabelle Ganache Box (Edited in Picsart)

Chocolate, just saying those words itself brings a bit of a nostalgic joy out of nowhere even in a moment of misery. That’s what it was for me in the past. I still remember my mother telling me that she used to bribe me with a big dairy milk bar to make me go to school without crying. Just now that I think back, it feels like my brother and I lived our childhood relishing different chocolates indiscriminately. But over time, silently, my fondness for chocolate faded away. You should see the face of people when I say no to chocolates… like I was doing some crime in daylight🤨.

I wasn’t sure why I was getting fed up with chocolate. But the major turning point was when I realized that packed chocolates that are sold in markets are worsening my PCOS. Still, whenever I felt like having chocolates, I decided to get chocolates from one of the popular brands that sells icecreams. But as I have weak lungs it got me sick at one point. So… relationship between me and chocolate is kind of… “we became distant and we are not what we used to be”. And that doesn’t mean I completely gave up.

I often get cravings once a year or twice. So I use those times to get into trouble. A few months back I got caught up with that moment.

I have always wanted to try luxury chocolates. Naturally, Fabelle’s Ganache cubes have always been on my bucket list. But I waited till I buy with my own earned money. So 2 months back, a few days after my birthday I ordered Ganache Creamy Milk with my very own salary. No regrets. No guilt. Slightly worried because of my health and because of the uncertainty of its taste. Still, no regrets.

Ganache! Saying that word just melts in my mouth. For starters, Ganache is rich and creamy chocolate in semi-liquid or paste form that is often used as a filling for truffles or coating/frostings in pastries. Answering its origin is highly complicated as both Switzerland and France claims to be the inventor of this smoothest and heavenly chocolate. Well, let’s just be glad it’s invented😁.

Launched in 2016, Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates is ITC’s signature brand that is also India’s popular luxury chocolate brand, bringing some of the finest, most delicious and exotic chocolate flavors to life in the Indian culinary world. Being a premium chocolate brand the price is extremely competitive and rich-folks friendly. Still, as a normal-folk, I just wanted to try it at least once in my lifetime. And I am glad that my salary paved the way to relish that delicious little treat.

Fabelle’s Ganache Experience

The appearance of little Ganache cubes and the way it is eaten using a small wooden two-prong mini fork have tempted me for years. And I have always been curious about how it tastes.

At the first glance, the box was very small. Understandable. Expensive chocolates come in “Smaller Box”. A package like this will always come with a cost… Cliche. I have ordered despite knowing this scenario. But I would like to add something else to describe this box. Compact, cute, elegant, and beautiful. The box looks so special and will make you feel special from unwrapping and putting the very first chocolate in your mouth till the savoring the last bit. As soon as you open the box, there will be a beautiful description on a golden foiled area about the chocolate flavor and source i.e. Ghana. The 20 chocolate cuboids were coated with the finest cocoa powder. In my case, most of the perfectly crafted cuboids seem to observe the dust because of the temperature.

When I tried the first piece of the chocolate, first it gave the authentic cocoa flavor which does not come under the sweetness scale. The dust gives the first taste and the texture, followed by which the wholesomeness of the ganache chocolate itself. The smoothly blended creamy dessert melts in your mouth forming a silky layer. Taste-wise, it is sweet but not extremely sweet as it has a bit of a dark chocolate flavor to it😌.

It was a brag-worthy experience, trying Ganache. Besides, it didn’t trouble me in any way, health-wise. Also, if you wonder whether I ate the entire chocolate by myself. Nope, I live with my family and I have an elder brother. I hope that explains.

On the whole, it was worth the experience to pamper ourselves once in a while and give in to cravings especially if you are someone like me who has to keep a check on the food you eat because of health restrictions.

Will I ever buy again? Yes, I guess. Maybe next year?! Will, I ever eat again? Yes, I guess. Maybe this year if someone buys me.😂

Fabelle Ganache series comes with two flavors Creamy Milk and Rich Dark. I have ordered Creamy Milk which comes with 20 cuboids of chocolates. And it is priced at around ₹800💸. Currently, it’s ₹925💔. For a person who eats chocolate for once or twice a year I guess it’s okay to get hands on it without hesitation.

If you have a favorite chocolate that you have tried in Fabelle or wanted to try in Fabelle, Or if you have any other favorites share with me in the comment section. I would be happy to know about it.

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