SIKKIM RED PANDA WINTER FESTIVAL: A Package Of Cultural Experience

The intrinsic value of a culture can be understood only if it is experienced. And cultural festivals always welcomes us with a red carpet to feel and become a part of a culture. Sikkim Red Panda Winter Festival is one such occasion that you should definitely know about. I got to know about it only…… Continue reading SIKKIM RED PANDA WINTER FESTIVAL: A Package Of Cultural Experience

Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Postcard Front Postcard Back I have recently visited Gangaikonda Cholapuram, one of the most ancient and renowned Temple in Tamilnadu which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. I’ll be putting up a blog post real soon about it. Before that, I felt like making a postcard with the illustration of one of the cutest Yali…… Continue reading Yali In Gangaikonda Cholapuram Postcard

Yali Postcard

Yali Postcard Front Yali Postcard Back Yali is a mythical creature that often feels like the dragon version of Tamil architecture that is engraved and carved in some of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu. There are different types of Yali, the one with the elephant head, horse head, lion head, and so on. Whenever…… Continue reading Yali Postcard

And It’s Here – Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3!

Hey people, ever heard of Chennai Photo Biennale? If someone have asked the same question to me before 2019, I would have said “No”, but not anymore. The first time I came across Chennai Photo Biennale was in 2019, on Instagram. It was when they were conducting a captivating Photography exhibition “CPB Edition 2” around…… Continue reading And It’s Here – Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3!

Language and Culture

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Languages and literatures are not only a way to communicate and express but also an important aspect in all the cultures. Languages are doors to new cultures. If you look closely, being one of the primary vehicle of communication it enabled our forefathers and us to transfer our cultures generation after generation. Apart from the…… Continue reading Language and Culture

For A Healthy Dose Of Laughter: “So Not Worth It”

For those who wanted to watch something to let down your burden for a day and to relax your mind, Netflix got something for you. A worthy drama to watch which brings you unconditional laughter. So Not Worth It, is the latest Netflix Original Korean Sitcom. The name is quite contradictory, cause it is worthy…… Continue reading For A Healthy Dose Of Laughter: “So Not Worth It”

The culture of Sámi

Image by David Mark from Pixabay  Finland has become one of my most favourite countries since my third semester in college. It is this country which I desperately wanted to visit now. Before letting you know who Sámi people are and about their culture, let me give you a short overview of Finland. Because most of us wants…… Continue reading The culture of Sámi