The Power Of WORDS

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What do you think about Words? Have you considered words as something more than a language builder? How much value do you give to every word you say to others and yourself in everyday life?

Don’t be annoyed by these pouring questions but try to casually think about it. Because I am going to tell you how magical words are.

Power of Words
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On this entire planet, as far as we know, human beings are considered as the only species to give a form to their thoughts in the form of words and language. If you look closer words are magical because of the weightage of someone’s desperate thought it carries. If you look at every single evolution and transformation humans have attained throughout history, everything once was once a thought of humans or everything was said out aloud. A thought which was said aloud by a woman or man gains the power of the universe. Unlike other beings, we carry this power of giving form to our thoughts. So whether your thoughts can be projected as books, speech or movies, what you feed to the universe will happen.

Every single word said aloud is observed by the universe and reflected as what we see today. And that is why you should always be careful of what you ask for and what you say to others as the words carry energy.

Words and spells
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To make it even more clear, there used to be a kid. This kid was once called ugly by some other kids so often. At one point she started to believe it so hard that she started to say those words to herself. She said “I am ugly”, “I am fat”, “no one likes me”, “I feel sad” of sorts. And those words with immense negative energy circled her. Just like positive energy this negative energy radiated so much that people could sense it and feel the same way about her on the first meet.

But let me tell you something. If negative words have this much power, don’t you wonder how much power positive words have?

Universe and magic
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Most of the time, it’s all about how the way we use the words. Apart from all the words she said, deep inside she also wanted to love herself, wanted to be happy. So she wrote these things in a diary. Even though she was a little kid, unlike her peers she started journaling way back even before it became normal practice. She wrote everything she wished for and everything she wanted.

Did it happen soon? Nope, It didn’t happen soon. But it did happen. After years she came across that old journal. And to her surprise, every single thing she asked for has happened. And yes, she paid lots of prices for it to happen. While for some wishes she paid with love for some with pain and sufferings. But she got what she asked for along with things she never wanted to.

This is a real story.

This is how words work.

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Have you guys watch the Ellen show? Or this really popular video shared in Ellen show where there was a little kid who repeat the same affirmative words repeatedly every day before going to school? Like, “I am strong! I am smart! and I can do anything!”.

I was moved by it. And I gave it a try too. You are not too old to try positive things. Just remind yourself. I had a really hard time when I joined my PG and things were a bit tough for me and I hated every day. Every morning right from starting my journey from home, I say some positive words which I needed. I did this every single day during my journey until my words reach the universe. If you ask did it work? Or if you ask, did what I ask for happened? It did… And I am at a point where I am not surprised by it anymore as I started to truly believe the powers words carry.

Love yourself
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So the reason I decided to write about this is, I want you all to say positive words on an everyday basis. That doesn’t mean you have to hide the way you feel. For example, If you feel frustrated say it aloud and instead of saying it again and again add this too -” I am frustrated but I want to feel better”, “It hurts, my heart breaks but I desperately want to heal”.

Be kind to yourself and never allow anyone to pass negative words or comments to you. You have no idea how much negative energy those negative words carry. They will directly affect you. Even if you use a swear word in a friendly manner. A swear word is a swear word as it has been carrying this negative energy for years since its beginning.

Miracle and words
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On a final note, next time when you speak, observe every single word you say. And don’t you ever forget that words are powerful and that’s why in the early days, spellings are believed to be spells as it contains magic in it.

Purely Based On My Thoughts!

Good Day and Stay Safe Everyone!

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