Marching Away From My 25th March

March, the month I love the most. The reason is quite simple, it’s the month that my mother gave birth to me. It’s the month I feel at home. It’s the month that made me cry a lot. It’s the month that made me who I am. It is also the month I reborn. It’s…… Continue reading Marching Away From My 25th March


As I grow and grow and grow. Life seems less unpredictable and tasteless. People are turning into a book whose ending I already got figured out. Again, easy to predict. A few months back, I came across a clip where Tom Hanks says, “If you feel bad right now if you are pissed off at…… Continue reading Thriving

Rusabl – Reusable Straw Review

If you have previously read my post on “8 Ways to bring out the responsible traveller inside you”, you could probably come across the term “Reusable Straws”. When there is a debate on pollution, there is always a point where a discussion about straws that comes under the spotlight.  The use of plastic straws became…… Continue reading Rusabl – Reusable Straw Review

A basic travel opens door to meet good people

For a person like me, travelling opened the door to observe and understand people. I love to travel by train and I know why. First of all, it’s comforting. No matter how sad, angry, or anxious I am, when I get onto the suburban train, I became quiet and calm. I always wondered why. Even…… Continue reading A basic travel opens door to meet good people