Rusabl – Reusable Straw Review

If you have previously read my post on “8 Ways to bring out the responsible traveller inside you”, you could probably come across the term “Reusable Straws”.

When there is a debate on pollution, there is always a point where a discussion about straws that comes under the spotlight.  The use of plastic straws became quite popular with the growth of the beverages such as soft drinks, smoothies, coffees and milkshakes. Even though it seems like it is a small part of entire plastic pollution in the world, it is not, statistically.

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According to the International Coastal Cleanup 2017 report, ” Plastic Straws and Stirrers are among the top 10 contributors to the plastic sea/marine debris across the world”. Not just that, the size of the straws are also placed on the negative side when we talk about recycling them. Single-use plastics are such a pain to digest for mother earth.

In Indian households, the majority of the utensils are made from ever silver/stainless steel, and a minor of the utensils are from clay, wood, copper as well as ceramic. But, still, a large number of restaurants, cafes and juice shops provide food in plastic containers, along with plastic spoons and straws. With a majority of people now sticking with Takeaways and Home Delivery, we got caught into a cycle that result with trash filled with plastics.

Despite the plastic ban, there is just a minimal change in people as well as businesses’ behaviour. For example, a lot of businesses shifted from – plastic spoons to wooden spoons, plastic straws to paper straws, plastic carry bags to biodegradable plastic bags or paper bags. Still, some reasonable facts are being placed as paper straws and biodegradable plastic bags carry a certain level of the plastic component in themselves and behave not the way it sounds. You can read more about it in this article, “Are biodegradable bags really biodegradable?” in Plastics Today.

You can opt to say no to spoons, and many food delivery apps give that provision. Many households have spare ever silver/stainless steel spoons somewhere in the kitchen. But, that is not the same with straw. That was the case for me too. Until I heard about stainless steel straws/ reusable straws. I felt so lucky when I heard about it and also felt bad as it took too late for me to recognise it. Sooner, I looked into Amazon to buy one. Luckily, I came across Rusabl straw.

There are different designs and colours of straws sold by them. But, I chose the basic one. There are four straws – 2 Straight & 2 Bent. Plus, it comes with a beautiful eco-friendly jute pouch which makes it travel friendly. Oh! And yes, there is also a cleaning brush. I have been using it for a while and it has come out handy in many situations especially while travelling.

Three main and valid reasons pushed me into buying it.

  1. To stop myself from using endless number of single-use plastic straws.
  2. With current pandemic situation, I could carry it anywhere and consume beverages and juices without worries.
  3. To inspire people around me to initiate themself into buy sustainable and eco-friendly products.

If you are also interested to get yourself these stainless steel or reusable straws, make sure to look for some when you go shopping next time. Or visit Amazon, I will be sharing the link for the product below.

Hope you guys also start saying “No!” to plastic straws and start with either sipping directly or by carrying your own reusable straws so that you feel safe when you have some smoothies or juices next time as well as stop adding more burden to mother nature.

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Amazon link to buy Rusabl straw: Rusabl Straw

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