A place where fishes flew above my head

There are so many creatures, places, and things around us which we are introduced to the right from our childhood days which is only through pictures in the books and through televisions, computers, and smartphones. In the past, people started to quench their thirst for knowledge and curiosity through traveling. They encountered and introduced to every new thing directly. But we were gifted in many people’s perspectives and cursed in some people’s perspective as we were able to sit in the same place and look around every single aspect, even the entire world.

In spite of everything, I am sure that every one of you must have astonished, fell more in love or sometimes shocked, when you directly see or witness those places and the things you admired all along by looking at photos and videos. It must have felt like a dream all along but when we see a lion for the first time and when we see and felt anything for the first time, it feels like validation and assurance.

VGP Marine Kingdom gave me the same feeling for me when I have been there. “If any of you have an urge to ask me haven’t you seen a fish before?”. Yes. I have. But no, not all. Never experienced so much as I felt there. And never seen 90% of those creatures in reality in front of me swimming “alive”. Its the most lively experience to get during a mid-summer.

A Tiny Interesting Fact

Antalya Aquarium in Turkey is the worlds largest Tunnel Aquarium. This is considered to be the most attractive tourist spot in the center of the city. It has a length of 131 meter and width of 3 meters.

Last year(2019), VGP marine kingdom was the most buzz-worthy place around Chennai, for being India’s first Tunnel Aquarium, which is really really cool. Think about it, how nice it is to have a buzz-worthy and attractive place, which you have heard about and seen on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, news or in movies so close to you. Let me tell you how I felt, I was having an urge, an uncontrollable urge to witness something beautiful which I have thought all along would be able to witness only if I travel abroad.

And my dad & I went there on May 1, 2019- the best way to start a month. We went there so early, which is a really good thing and paid Rs. 500 for each. There wasn’t much crowd compared to the crowd we saw while returning. The interior is done so well. Right from the beginning till the end you can witness the blue which symbolizes the ocean wherever you go.

You begin with fish tanks as you walk along the themed pathway where you can meet fascinating creatures which born out of the artistic power of Earth. I have met lots of interesting and photogenic fishes. When you go there and if it’s not too much crowded and if you are not a fish bully, you will definitely connect with some fishes. I made a really good connection, that I really missed them for a while and made me so eager to go back to visit them again.

This is the first fish I have made a good connection with. This guy really made me so proud by posing only to me.
The most favorite out of all the fishes I have met with. So playful and I felt like a fish whisperer when I was with her. I loved it so much that after completing my entire secession and spent more time coming back to her tank.
This fella is so curious that he kept on staring at me like this for a while. So curious and I was curious what was going in his head.

There are four interesting things you can see there apart from all the unbelievable variety of fishes you witness. The first is photographic spots made in the middle of the tanks where you can take photos which makes you look like you are peeping your head inside the tank from under. My dad hated me for not trying it and I am regretting it now. You need to fight to get your spot with many kids, aunts, and uncles. Good luck!

The second is the Stingray tank. They do lots of stunts. Its fun and interesting to watch their moves, it literally looks like they are flying, and sometimes they do fly above their spacious tank and splash some drops of water over you.

Stingray fishes flying in water like…

The third is the Tunnel! The most extraordinary experience. Read that again. It is EXTRAORDINARY. Having fishes swimming over your head in schools and looking them so close, it’s going to be really hard to forget an experience as such. If you walk so fast it’s going to give a feel as it ended so soon. So take really slow steps never rush, nobody is going chase you, except when it’s crowded you will be dragged out. I saw people being so happy around. I felt like adults are so excited than children/kids who got fed up so easily.

family looking at fishtank
An excited family with their overly excited son looking at the fish tank

Once we finished it, my dad can’t get enough so we went inside the tunnel again. We did a really good job going again. Because something nice happened which we didn’t notice before or neither the staff activated it. Its the moving walkway. I was staring at the sharks swimming over my head and suddenly it started to move. That is the third most interesting thing over there, that’s something my tired legs needed at that moment.

Finally, the large aquarium window where you can see the different schools of fish swimming here and there and be fed by the guy in oxygen fitted swimsuits waving at us. Of course, I waved back. You guys can do Scuba Diving there if you are interested. I am planning to try once, trying ain’t that bad if you don’t want to have regrets of not trying. Once you are done you can take a seat on the couches placed before the tank and relax.

The VGP Marine Kingdom is not ending is just an exciting place for learning or experience, from my point of view and experience it is the best place to remove your burden, relax, and a place that will brighten up your mood. Because I was feeling so low before going there and it was a therapeutic experience for me.

So, I hope you guys go and visit the VGP Marine Kingdom and experience something new. Check the website(https://www.vgpmarinekingdom.in/) for the price before going. They are very responsive to queries and calls. You can also adopt fishes for some amount which is so cool. So until then stay safe!!!

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.


  1. It’s very good to read. Very descriptive and interesting. I’d definitely visits soon. Thank you for your review! Congratulations, Nivi! 🙂

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  2. Fishes flying over my head, definitely caught my attention.

    I’ve often thought about sleeping with the fishes, in one of those scientific bottom of the ocean domes. Apparently there is/was one in The Florida Keys.

    Also, Darjeeling is one of my favourite teas, but I’ll let that one steep.

    Till next time,

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