Movie Review: We Can’t Change The World. But We Wanna Build A School In Cambodia.

Few days back I stumbled upon this Japanese movie. I don’t watch Japanese movies very often. But I had nothing to watch that day, and decided to go with it.

The title of the movie was, “We Can’t Change The World. But We Wanna Build A School In Cambodia”.

It had left some impact on me. I have been thinking about it often. Also, just found out it was based on a real life story, no wonder.

A medical student, who always felt something was lacking in this life stumble upon a brochure advertisement asking for volunteers to build a school in a village in Cambodia. This change both his life and his friends’ life. Especially after their visit to Cambodia.

This movie came in 2011. The cinematography doesn’t seems so great but you eventually doesn’t care as it starts to feel so natural and you feel like you are a part of that entire story. It kinda felt realistic heart warming.

The most wonderful part of the story is that you would get to learn a bit about the life and history of people of Cambodia. You will be taken for an educational trip along with Kota and his friends.

Personally, I was able to learn alot about the darkest hours of Cambodia. It really did hurt and made me realise every nation has its own tragic history.

Movies are an important part of tourism for those who doesn’t know. And this movie has a little part of showing a small glimpse of Combodia. Tourism is not just about looking at the brighter side. You just get to accept every face of a destination.

At first, the want was just for Kota and his empty heart. At first, for his friends, it was just to help Kota. Eventually after the trip everything becomes too personal for them as they meet people along the way. They weren’t rich to begin with but they dreamt of something so beautiful. The movie showed how much it takes mentally to be a volunteer.

I got immersed in the story. I still think about how much independence they have while taking decisions at the same time how much they struggle to arrive at things. You can’t see exaggeration like commercial movies. Especially in the scenes where they lose the corporate sponsor who turn out to be corrupt. And when they try to do everything they could possibly do to collect money to build the school despite their peer pressure.

Its dramatic side pops now and then in the story. So I felt like the movie was a little slow. But not too boring though…atleast…for me. Plus, it always seems hard to understand the tone and body language of Japanese even after watching all those animes. But the lead actors are really fit to their character and tried to portray well. Look out for Kota’s precious smile.

Everything the movie lacks makes it feel like you were watching a story of someone but along with him.

I am glad I stumbled upon it. If you feel like watching it… It’s on Netflix.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.

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