Relationship between Travel and Food

We all have that one favorite sweet or dessert, by thinking about it just brighten up our mood. For me, I fell in love with one kind of sweet during my trip to Kolkata. Which eventually lead me to another place.

I am always fond of Rasmalai. I was a 5th-grade student back then when I first tried my Rasmalai in Gupta Bhavan in Pallavaram Gst road. I didn’t care about which state that sweet belongs to or how it was made. All I knew back then was, it is what we called Amirtham(heavenly). It has that undefinable delicate taste. It’s the most delicious dessert in the world for me from that point. Well, 2 years back things changed.

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When I went for a trip to Kolkata 2 years back, our last day of the trip is shopping day. My parents didn’t get to join us for the trip as my mom had spinal surgery, my brother and I decided to get her a saree while we shop and get sweets for our family and neighbors.

We stayed in a below-average mansion close to the Howrah railway station. It’s pretty close by the fish market so it smells a little, eventually, at times I felt like I am smelling like fish too. Well, the point is, from that mansion we started walking straight through the road next to the mansion. While other members who joined with us for this trip had the plan and knew where they were going, my brother and I were clueless and walked where our shoes took us. After a 10 minutes walk, that’s where we found it.


Bhikharam Chandmal. I will never forget that name. Never. My love for Rasmalai took an evolution. Now, I am a pure Bengali sweet fan. That shop is something that I have never seen in Tamil Nadu. I was starving and tired when we reached there. My brother, went through a lot because of me that day. I literally tried all the variety of Cham Cham, Pasta, Rasagulla. You name it, they have it… everything. From sweets, chaat items to ice creams. That place is Heaven. If you ever plan on going to Kolkata. Please go there. I really want you guys to try it. So, Cham cham is a tasty and softer version of Rasmalai. In Bhikharam they got chocolate flavor, malai and mango flavor. You can easily find that place it’s mostly crowded with tourists more than locals.

After that trip, I had this longingness for almost a year. I searched for Bengali sweet shops searching for cham cham in and around Chennai. Finally, I destined to find Shree Mithai. It’s in Nungambakkam and Chetpet. Guys. You should definitely go there. Shree Mithai has everything you want from different varieties of Bengali sweets to chats, pizza rolls and fusion foods that are something tastier, that are different, something you have never seen and tried.

Shree Mithai front image from tripvisitor

It’s just that a place where you fall in love with every food and sweets you try. You always feel like going back there again and again for all those flavors. Hope you guys visit there and tell me what’s your favorite. I always feel like it’d be nice if they open their shop in Guindy or Chrompet.

( I am really sorry that I couldn’t able to take pictures of the Kolkata sweet shop, back then I didn’t take my phone and now I was so busy eating the sweets than taking the picture of the sweets. I will be updating the pictures as early as possible.)

Also if you guys have been to any better Bengali sweet shops than this… let me know in the comment section.

Below I have shared Bhikharam Chandmal(Kolkata) and Shree Mithai location(Chennai).

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