Getting To Know UNESCO

In the previous post, we have seen about the UNESCO heritage sites of Tamilnadu. Though I get to know UNESCO in-depth during my college days, I realized, I should have introduced UNESCO before posting about the sites as there is still a vague understanding of this organization and how it works in selecting natural and…… Continue reading Getting To Know UNESCO

The Charm Of Chilean Culture

Chile! My interest for Chile began when I was doing my Spanish course. And of course, I did an assignment on it too. I used to pronounce the name “Chile” very wrongly before that. Check how to pronounce Chile before starting to read about it. Even though you have come across the name Chile, I…… Continue reading The Charm Of Chilean Culture

Language and Culture

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Languages and literatures are not only a way to communicate and express but also an important aspect in all the cultures. Languages are doors to new cultures. If you look closely, being one of the primary vehicle of communication it enabled our forefathers and us to transfer our cultures generation after generation. Apart from the…… Continue reading Language and Culture

The culture of Sámi

Image by David Mark from Pixabay  Finland has become one of my most favourite countries since my third semester in college. It is this country which I desperately wanted to visit now. Before letting you know who Sámi people are and about their culture, let me give you a short overview of Finland. Because most of us wants…… Continue reading The culture of Sámi