Things To Look For While Buying Laptop

Whenever we plan to buy something new, it’s always a real pain especially if we have a budget or are not quite sure about what to look for in the product. The lesser you do research before buying a product the riskier it will be, especially when it comes to buying electronic gadgets like a…… Continue reading Things To Look For While Buying Laptop

Ways to use your time when you are “Grounded” for unexpected number of days

We have been running around all these days. Whether you are a school student or college student or working professional, at one point in time you are desperate for a break. I don’t know about you all, but I personally got really exhausted and needed a break. We have got a break, but unfortunately, this…… Continue reading Ways to use your time when you are “Grounded” for unexpected number of days

Purposeful travel is a lesson

We are really close to saying goodbye to 2019, and still, I had a regret that I have attended only one volunteer work. Smh. And then, a friend, who I made while volunteering for a marathon run posted an “A planting event”. It’s not a typical NGO event though. My classes for this semester just…… Continue reading Purposeful travel is a lesson

The Start

This is me. A Solivagant. “You must go on adventures to find out where you belong.”— Sue Fitzmaurice I’ve been thinking to start a blog right from the day I’ve stepped into my class during my Undergraduate program – English literature. But, I wasn’t responsible enough to spend time for something I am not passionate…… Continue reading The Start