As I grow and grow and grow. Life seems less unpredictable and tasteless. People are turning into a book whose ending I already got figured out. Again, easy to predict.

A few months back, I came across a clip where Tom Hanks says, “If you feel bad right now if you are pissed off at the moment if you feel extremely anxious. Remember, this too shall pass. Oh, you feel great! If you feel like you know all the answers. You feel like everybody finally gets you. There you are. This too shall pass.” Is it an eye-opener? No. But it helped me to accept the reality that I didn’t want to accept all along.

It is difficult. But it’s better to become numb to appreciations and criticisms. So yes. Appreciation or negative remarks. I started to throw them out without consideration. Does it do any good? Yes, it does. Better mental health.

Thriving is simply not giving a shit to things, people, and places that don’t deserve to put your emotions on. Yes, Just like Upshal sings. Thriving is not people-pleasing. Thriving is a lesson you could learn when you get dragged around by the wretched life. Life always throws the things you run away from. I ran away from something. Surprisingly I was chained with the very same thing that I ran away from.

I taint my writing with colors that don’t fit. Being an adult is far more like a plain canvas thrown into the well of a vacuum. Just like one could ever imagine. Tainting emotions with commercialization. Where art gets labeled, where humanity gets shredded and blown into the air.

Since the beginning of February, nothing turned out my way. It sucks. Though it seems like everyone around you travels through a flower bedded pavement… No! No one does. Maybe if you are a loaded rich person, you possibly can. People are forced to be pathetic beans hopelessly sown into barren land.

But you got to thrive. Because we all are cursed to be born as a human. Still, thriving will feel less difficult if you are blessed with the warmth and care of a family.  But don’t forget that for some of you thriving require you to become colorless, tasteless, subtle, and silent. To blend in the air and hide behind the veil of silence to observe and feed on the minds.

Thriving, on the whole, is being indifferent. Well, we are born as humans after all. So we are chained till the souls disperse into timeless eternal.

By NBsakura

A solivagant, who is trying to cherish every moment through every journey that I'm destined with.


    1. I am glad the post made you feel like it. I am not sure what is bothering you… But I pretty much understand you are having it hard. Let’s just hang on! But don’t let it break you.


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