And It’s Here – Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3!

Hey people, ever heard of Chennai Photo Biennale? If someone have asked the same question to me before 2019, I would have said “No”, but not anymore. The first time I came across Chennai Photo Biennale was in 2019, on Instagram. It was when they were conducting a captivating Photography exhibition “CPB Edition 2” around Chennai’s prestigious and tourism worthy architectural sites.

Chennai Photo Biennale 2019
Photograph showcased in Madras literary society

To begin with, Chennai Photo Biennale(CPB) is a Non-Profit Organisation that solely exists to promote more than just photography. It contributes to supporting the photographic art as well as the artists who try to use their talents to communicate and educate the importance of Photography in highlighting socio-cultural beauty. They have been conducting various events, workshops, presentations, educational programs, exhibitions and more since 2016 by partnering with Gothe Institute and various cultural centres.

While many of us admire visiting various exhibitions and galleries, there are fewer opportunities that are available to experience in Chennai. That was the same for me too until the CPB Edition 2 Exhibition which happened between Feb 22, 2019- March 24, 2019. It was the very first Photographic Exhibition I ever attended and that’s the very main reason that it will last in my heart. I was quite surprised that there is something as wonderful as this was being happened in Chennai by such a passionate group of people which I wasn’t aware of for so long.

Chennai Photo Biennale 2019
Photograph showcased close to Egmore Museum

Though I didn’t get to visit all the exhibition sites. I was managed to visit 3 historically rich places where a different collection of photographs were presented to astonish visitors – Madras Literary Society, Egmore Museum and Madras University. Besides, there were also other famous galleries and venues such as The Government College of Fine Arts, VR Mall, InKo Centre and more. All these places will be handled by staff and volunteers. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do if you are a first-timer. You can speak and ask them without hesitation. Besides, it will be enthralling to see people who were admiring these photographs just like you. As you can see, a few of the pictures I took during my visit survived in my photo gallery are shared in this blog.

Just looking at these venues list itself makes you realise that it covers most of the Northern Chennai. Participating in visiting these photo galleries and venues will not only allow you to experience something different but also let you be a part of something great. It will also allow you to visit a different part of Chennai where you have never been before even though you are born and raised in this very same city.

Chennai Photo Biennale 2019
Photographs showcased close to Egmore Museum

So, the reason I decided to write about is that Chennai Photo Biennale Edition 3 is here. After being delayed and pushed aside as the result of the Pandemic, the CPB Foundation and Gothe Institute are here to deliver yet another best Exhibition with curated works under the title “Maps of Disquiet” for Chennaiites. I am pretty much sure, they must have overcome so many issues to arrive at here. I have been keeping track of it and waiting since 2019. So, I am very excited to see what is on hold for us this time. And I am pretty much excited to travel around Chennai to encounter the works of various talented photographers around the world.

You can be a photography enthusiast or an amateur, I am quite sure you won’t be disappointed with this exceptional experience. In a way being in Chennai, taking part in this showcase of exemplary work of talents is our responsibility too. So, make sure to support this CPB’s mission by taking part or by contributing your time to the CPB Edition 3 happening from 09 December 2021 – 06 February 2022. Most of the venues are free to visit too. So, make plans to tour around Chennai with this excuse too!

Chennai Photo Biennale 2019
Madras Literary Society

So, that means, they also require some funds to do their best. If you want to do more to them, you can also contribute donations. I will be sharing links to their website and Instagram below so that you can get more updates about the event and the venue or to make donations.

Let us hope some of us get to meet during this eventful 3 months in some of the Chennai Photo Biennale partnered venues! Don’t forget to make free registrations before visiting the venues. I am also planning to update you more about the events after my visit. So look out for more updates.

Don’t forget to like the post and also share with all your friends and family who you want to take for the upcoming exhibitions.

CPB – Instagram

CPB – Website

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