Travelling Virtually Around Pacific Asia Like…(Dream To Travel Virtual Event)


Its been 3 months already, staying inside the home which sometimes makes me feels like it’s a cave and sometimes a cocoon. I am trying hard to entertain myself through whatever I can so that my brain nerves won’t turn lethargic and at some point it becomes exhausting. No matter what I do my brain feels so numb as it doesn’t feel the rush when it feel while travelling when I observe and process lots of images.

Bangkok (Source: Pixabay )

Recently I am into LinkedIn and Webinars. I mean, because of LinkedIn I have been coming across lots of interesting webinars. I just sign up and register for all sort of webinars. It kind of making me occupied and I have been learning quite a few new things.

So, let me come to the point, one of the most interesting events I have come across is organised by PATA(The Pacific Asia Travel Association),their virtual travel festival, “Dream To Travel”. This is organised especially as part of B2B promotion. But they have wonderfully created events so that even non-members and travel enthusiasts to participate and watch the webinars.

Being sitting inside the home all day and feeling bored has become a little exciting after getting to know this event. I have missed quite interesting sessions, thanks to the mail notification from PATA, so far I have attended two sessions. I have signed up for many session, but because of a misunderstanding, I missed two of the most improvising sessions as I failed to notice the timing which is according to Bangkok, that is 1hr 30min earlier than Indian timings.

Screenshot from Girls Getaway session(This is not Mint)

During yesterday’s webinar on the topic “Girls Getaway- A Day In Bangkok”, I got an opportunity to learn quite interesting things about Thai life even if it’s for an hour. Travel Vlogger Mint’s aka @iroamalone(Instagram) session is so amazing and I found an inspiring travel influencer to learn from. From the Grand Palace to the restaurants around Bangkok, it was quite engaging thanks to Mint and her friendly conversation with us, her virtual travellers. I fell hard for Thailand just in an hour of session because of their food, their clothing and their lifestyle and the way of adapting to the change.

Screenshot of Bhutan Live Experience

Today morning’s 1hr live session is an amazing experience in Bhutan. So lively, colourful and fascinating performance of the dancers just made my morning so happy. I have also fallen in love with Bhutan’s Butter tea which made its appearance for a few seconds in the session.

Bhutan (Source: Flickr)

Tourism is slowly opening around the world. According to UNWTO(United Nation’s World Tourism Organization), 22% of all destination started to ease travel restrictions. The main purpose of PATA in conducting these events is to attract more prospects to invest and to pave a way for tourism to unwind and to flourish.

Source: from PATA Dream to Travel Page

PATA officially began this extraordinary and well-organized event on 22nd June and it will be ended on July 17. So, make sure you register(I will be sharing the link at the end.) and get your free pass. Apart from the free pass for every event, if you are interested, register separately for each webinar and also note that you keep track of the Bangkok timing. If your webinar is on 10:00 am according to Bangkok time, then in IST, its 8:30am. Also, it requires the Zoom App to watch the webinar. Most of the webinars are accessible to everyone who got the free pass, make sure you enjoy and get back to me if you have any doubts.

  • 22 June- 26 June —> Thailand and Bhutan Experience
  • 29 June- 03 July —> Tourism Malaysia
  • 06 July- 10 July —> Nepal Tourism
  • 13 July- 17 July —> Macao

When I saw those dancers dancing the live session, without any tourist around to admire, it hit me so hard on how every tourism-dependent people around the world must be suffering. People such as shop keepers selling tourist products, artists and entertainers, who depend on their daily income and livelihood on the incoming of tourists and visitors must be struggling at this very moment for their necessities. Covid-19 has a serious impact on all aspect of the life of people, agreed, but as a student of Tourism management, after participating in these webinars, it was heartbreaking to realise how hard it must be for millions of people working and depending on tourism sectors and tourist destinations around the world.

So, when things become better and life turns out little ease or if we are forced to survive through this “new-normal” where we have to live a social distancing life and wearing masks wherever we go and sanitize our hands before entering any places, please make sure you remember to contribute towards tourism sector. As it’s considered to be the last sector to be recovered.

Rather than spending your time, money and energy in materialistic things, spend them in experiencing new thing through tourism. For a while it’s going to be more of a focus over Domestic tourism, so make your contribution in buying tourism products and help the family whose daily food depends on the money you spend in tourism sites, street foods and products.

Thank you and Stay Safe!

PATA Dream to Travel Link:

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By NBsakura

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  1. This is truly informative. It’s true that many of us don’t think of tourism sector these days. We should. Thanks for sharing the link! It surely helps. Such an engaging blog. Keep writing 😊

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  2. Wow this is amazing! I have been facing the same kind of experience due to lockdown here in India. I was thinking of maybe bringing my blog back to life but mostly it’s been very difficult to come up with new creative ideas stuck at home. Your post seems like an absolute blessing! ❀

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